Saturday, January 21, 2012

Anastasia Eyebrow Service (After)

Goodbye Lunatic Brow
WOW!  Worth it, totally worth it.  This is the brow I always wanted.  I went in with hope but a lot of skepticism.  I never liked my brows, they are big, unruly, patchy, just not what you think of when you imagine a manicured brow. I struggled with them, abused them, paid others to abuse them when I got tired of doing it myself.  I usually asked my hair stylist to shape them for me, and consistently walked away with uneven, thin, McDonalds arches that I tried to convince myself I liked.

I figured if I could have decent brows it would take so much time and effort to achieve that maintaining them would be nigh on impossible.  I was shocked how little she did the achieve this shape.  She took her time, examined my brows, my skin, the shape of my face.  She gave me a mirror, explained where my challenges and strengths were.  She actually made me feel lucky to have the brows I have. This is the real deal, not the usual cookie cutter, get em in, get em out I am used to.

Another plus, no hard sell!  This may differ by location, but there was zero pressure for me to purchase Anastasia products.  I really assumed that was just par for the course and understandably so.  Hell, at Dosha I was in the door maybe 1 min tops before this perky blond attached herself to me like a lamprey and tried to sell me everything she could get her hands on. 

If you have an Anastasia counter, I recommend taking a look.  My counter was in the middle of the Nordstrom cosmetic department and I was able to watch the woman before me have her brows worked on.  If you are near a counter, peek around and watch how your aesthetician works.  It's kinda cool to watch.

Where to Buy:  Check your local department store for an Anastasia counter
Price:  My eyebrow service was $30.00 and I assume prices can vary.

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  1. Great advertisement for Anastasia! Your brow picture is gorgeous!! x


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