Sunday, January 1, 2012

Benefit Hervana!

I walked into my Sephora the other day with pretty much no intention of purchasing this product.  I've passed by the Benefit bar, walked past those tres cute boxed powders.  Read rave after rave, extolling the sheer awesomeness of the Benefit boxed powder, but I don't really get worked up over blushes.
Until now!  First, even in the box, it is just so pretty.  The pinwheel of color just set my heart all a flutter.  It is just the right amount of design and whimsy.  However, this also speaks to my logical side.  I have the toughest time finding blushes that are the right balance of pink/peach for my skin tone.  I am very picky and I use most blushes I own grudgingly.   It's something I have to use, not something I want to use.

With Hervana, each little spin of color (lucky shell, divine peach, heavenly rose and berry delight) balances out the other shades, the result is the perfect natural warm rosey peach flush of color.  I adore this product on my skin.  I even went back and applied a little more to really enjoy the depth of color this provides.
My one lament?  I can't begin to do this shade justice with my swatches.  I just could not get the lighting right, but it is spectacular.  I am very pale with warm/yellow undertones and this just brightened and enhanced my skin.  The texture of the Benefit boxed powder is like nothing I've tried before.  I am used to a blush that is either rough and scratchy or so ridiculously soft that it becomes unblendable and unbuildable.  The Benefit formula is smooth and silken.  I actually think I let out an audible gasp when I started playing with this.  It is buttery and pigmented.  You have alot of control over the pigment level.  You can easily build up or sheer out with minimal effort.

I prefer a MAC 109 brush to the brush (cute) included in the box, but I thought the brush they give you was actually quite good, I just prefer a soft round brush to the striped shape of the Benefit brush.  The box was a little smaller then I imagined, but still large enough to accommodate most brushes.  I do worry I will have to tear the box apart when I hit pan, but at .28oz I will have a while before I need to worry about it.

If you are already a fan of Benefit boxed powders then this review will not come as a surprise.  If you haven't checked these out, I think Hervana is a great entry to the brand.  I think this shade is Limited Edition so if you love it like I do, I would buy a back up.  I don't want to think of a world without Hervana.  *Update 1-2 despite being told by two associates that this was a Limited Edition product, I found no information online supporting breathe easy.

Where to buy: Benefit  or  Sephora
Price: $28 for .28oz

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