Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Body Needs Mineral Shadows!

Okay, I need to calm down before writing this review.  I ordered these around Christmas so I could try them out and share them with you.  I've been like a 6 year old every day running to the mailbox to see if they came...well today..THEY CAME.  I tore that package open and I've been falling over myself ever since.  Deep breath.......alrighty  *squeal*

What I ordered were a variety of mineral eyeshadow samples.  They range in size from approx .6g to 1g and they come packed in 5gram jars with screw on lids and sifters.  I especially loved the sifters and I doubly liked that the adhesive sticker they place over the sifter holes did not leave a sticky residue behind...big plus!  The colors I chose were some that I saw featured by Makeup Your Jangsara  as well as a few sale items and of course Greens!! On top of being a taupe fiend I pretty much can't pass up green shadows. 

From left to right  Smoked Gold ( a silvery discoball rising out of the fog),  Latte (shimmery warm rose tone taupe) Matte Sage (very flat sage green), Alakazam ( rich velvety moss green with multi color micro glitter) Chalet Green (rich shimmering yellow green, this is MAC Lucky Green's older, sexier sister), Aqua Brown (chocolate brown with a strong aqua duochrome), Blackened Emerald( black base with an intense emerald reflect and sparkle), Blackened Turquoise ( black base with an intense blue and aqua reflect and shimmer)

Latte/ Smoked Gold

 All I could keep saying was OMG they are soo pretty the whole time I swatching them.  It is hard to boil down all the things I want to say about these. First, these were some of the easiest mineral shadows to work with.  I've found brands like Fyrinnae(not mineral, I know) can be tricky to apply, beautiful, but temperamental. These were smooth, intensely pigmented and a dream to work with.   The swatches you will see here were all done over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, but only because one shadow didn't want to play nice.  I originally did these dry over E.L.F Eyelid Primer and had really nice results from all but one...sigh Chalet Green, so awesome but so finicky.  Chalet Green was just not behaving from the word go.  I tried dry over primer, wet over primer, it wasn't like the finish was faded or soft, it was like my arm was made of teflon.  But after some Epoxy...holy sh*t!   
Aqua Brown/Chalet Green
The only color I wasn't really crazy about was Matte Sage.  It is a true matte finish and as such it takes a little extra effort to work with.  It is very powdery and takes some skill to build up to a nice depth of color.  When you get it there, it reminded me alot of MAC Flourishing.  I just personally don't have the patience to work with mattes.  But it was still a great shade!
Alakazam/ Matte Sage

Alakazam is another one of those shades that I will need to scoop up a full size of.  This is the richest, most velvety green.  It's a matte finish, but not hard to apply like a matte.  It is sprinkled with the most delightful micro glitter.  It's just peeks out here and there...it's truly exceptional.  I picture myself wearing this out for a night at the opera.

Blackened Turquoise/ Blackened Emerald
 I know many of you are interested in The Body Needs "Blackened" Line, as well you should be.  These are even more stunning in person.  Before seeing these in person I compared them to MAC's Style Black Shadows or MAC's Disney She Who Dares.  They are similar, but the MAC shadows are chunkier, and the color seems to be derived more from the glitter.

You can see above the MAC shadow is more of a glitter layer that floats over the black base.  TBN shadows are a black based infused with intensely shimmery color.  TBN owns this hands down and I can't wait to try the entire range.

I just can't say enough good things about these shadows.  The Body Needs also offers samples of a ton of MAC products, things you may have a tough time finding samples of elsewhere.  This is not just pigment samples (which they have and I also tried)  but we are talking samples of lipsticks (ingeniously packaged) lip balms, lip mixes, powders, paint pots, chromalines, fluidline, cream bases, cremeblend blushes, paints, cleanser, foundations and much more.  Their prices are competitive and some of the best I've seen.  They offer an occasional 1cent sample (I purchased Smoked Gold this way) and their mineral eyeshadow samples are $1.99 for a generous amount of product.

I enthusiastically recommend The Body Needs to all of you.  Variety, budget friendly and gorgeous!

Where to buy:  The Body Needs
Price: Mineral Shadow Samples $1.99 Full Size $3.59  Others as listed.

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