Sunday, January 22, 2012

Essence Cosmetics Femme Fatale Lipstick

Yes!  New things.  During one of my cosmetic walkabouts, I came across a display for a cosmetic brand I was entirely unfamiliar with.  The brand was Essence and it proclaimed to be the #1 Brand in Britain.   Looking at the prices and offerings, it looked to be a European equivalent to Wet n Wild.  They had the usual budget cosmetic fare, but I decided to try out their lippies first.

The shade I chose was Femme Fatale.  Knowing nothing of the line it looked to be a rosewood/brick shade.

I was unable to tell what finish it was by the label, but it looked pretty enough.  I was drawn to one feature though in particular..the packaging!

Something about the packaging felt so 1970's to me.  Like a bottle of Vidal Sassoon.  I could see myself taking this out of my gold lamé bag inside Studio 54.  I just like the look of it......the look of it.  From a practical standpoint I'm not a fan.  The plastic neck inside surrounding the bullet is short, so it just barely conceals the retracted lipstick.  The twisting mechanism is a little loose so this can easily turn itself up in your purse or pocket and smash itself inside the cap.  Not a deal breaker but something to keep in mind.

Femme Fatale felt similar to a MAC Lustre finish.  It applied semi opaque and had a pleasant glossy texture that feels comfortable on.  Being similar to a lustre the rosewood/brick shade applies closer to a sheer grapey/berry.  I believe Almay had a shade called Raisin long, long ago that was very similar to this. A "my lips but better" look. The scent reminded me of the burnt sugary scent of the Buxom line.  Not synthetic, but it does linger a while after application if those things get to you.

For a sheer glossy finish, I experienced pretty decent wear time.  2-3 hours before it really started to fade down.  It does last longer over a liner/primer and a liner would be good with this as it will bleed out eventually, again not as badly as I expect with a glossy lipstick.   Btw, Essence has some amazing lip liners..I'll review those later. 

Where to buy:   I found mine at Fred Meyers/Krogers.  I can't find much information on the American line right now.
*Update I found the US Website here.
* Update..again.  A reader informed be this brand is also available through ULTA
Price:  $1.99 for Lipstick  Think Wet n Wild range on the rest of the line.  Very reasonable.


  1. I found this post after searching for swatches of Essence lipsticks and came across what you said about this brand being the No1 brand in Britain..Hate to tell the PR people, but we British cannot get this brand! I only fell in love with it when i visited Germany and now have a 'dealer' for me to get it sent to me hehe (hence the swatch hunt).
    Same problem i have with Wet and Wild,...not available in Britain..drives me nuts when i see awesome swatches lol.

  2. I am glad you said something! The first display I saw for Essence said No 1 in Britain so I immediately thought...oooh British Wet n Wild. Then I saw everything on the EU site was in German and I got good an confused. I wish they would just catch fire and expand. It's frustrating how hard Essence is to find for people. It's soooooo good.


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