Monday, January 30, 2012

Essence Cosmetics Soft Rose Lip Liner

I love it...I use it
Another budget beauty game changer.  I love those!  I've been on a quest for about 5 years to find the perfect lip toned lip liner for myself.  And I have searched pretty extensively.  Everything either was too pink, too orange, too brown etc.  The closest I came was MAC Sublime Culture.  And although I liked it enough to use it up twice, I never really felt it was "the one".

I just found her!  Meet Essence Cosmetic's Soft Rose.  I like her... a lot.  Not only is this my perfect flesh toned lip liner, it's also the nicest feeling liner I've tried on in quite some time.  I strongly dislike pencil lip liners in general, preferring the feel of cremestick liners, like MAC Sublime Culture.  I find pencils to be dry and tugging and just not pleasant to work with.  Essence liners are nothing at all like that.

Soft Rose
Soft Rose applied very smoothly and evenly.  There was no tugging or pulling, it glides across my lip very easily.  It also blends out with the soft touch of a finger.  The color is a very slightly warm rosey peach.  It is "my" perfect lip tone.  Be wary when using other peoples suggestions for neutral liners.  This is such a person specific thing.  It's not only based on your under tones but the depth and color of the pigmentation of your lips.  I have a fairly strong pigmentation to my lips, kind of pinky and my skin undertones have both yellow and pink, making me a slightly warm neutral.  So this shades works for me.
Here is a comparison of the lip liners I've been using as lip tone over the last few years.  you can see they are similar but also wildly different from one another.  Anyone of them would be an ideal lip tone liner on the right person.

Sublime Culture is more brown and slightly orange. Chestnut is rosier.  If Sublime Culture and Chestnut hooked up, you'd have Soft Rose.  These are really nice liners.  This has not dried out my lips, it keeps a ever so slightly creamy feeling to it when worn.  And I don't have that annoying orange halo I seemed to get when I wore Sublime Culture under glosses.

Soft Rose alone on lip
The last big plus on these liners would be the price tag.  .99 cents!  For one US dollar you can scoop up some really fine liners.  They come in 6 shades ranging from pinks, neutrals, brown, berry, and reds.  Something for everyone.  I really want to go back and try some more of this line.  So far I have not been disappointed.

Where to buy:  I bought mine at Fred Meyer  Also available at HEB and ULTA
Price:  I paid .99 cents at Fred Meyers  ULTA is selling these for .49 cents!

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