Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lansinoh Lanolin...for your lips?

I am going to share one of my beauty secret finds!  This started 4 1/2 years ago with the birth of my first child.  If you don't recognize the above, it is an ointment made of 100% pure Medical Grade Lanolin.  Nursing mothers use this to protect and repair cracked skin from nursing.  I was given the above tube at my baby shower, almost 5 years ago (I am sure I am violating an expiration date).  Well after I had my son and started feeding him I realized how valuable this stuff is (ladies am I right?) and I ran out and bought myself a shiny new tube.

I nursed two kids using this one tube and maybe...maybe used 1/16th of the product.  I can not bring myself to throw things like this away, I knew there had to be a way to use this.

Lanolin Ointment

Lanolin is very thick and super sticky so I couldn't use it for hand cream or body lotion.  I was at a loss. Then I remembered....I have Walking Dead lips!  I have tried balm after balm after balm and nothing ever helped outside of a small 2 hour window.  But Lanolin is emollient, sticky and as such stays on your lips for!  If I did not make an effort to wipe this off my lips after 16 hours or so it would keep right on going. 

It is amazing, not only does Lanolin help smooth and repair my chapped cracky lips, but it also helps fill in some of my natural lip lines so lipsticks and glosses don't settle in as easily.  I have very prominent lines in my lips so this is a concern of mine.   Now, the emollient side to Lanolin has a benefit to lip application and a draw back.

First, it's emollient properties makes it ideal at sheering down intense lipstick shades, making them more day look friendly.  I've used it frequently to soften a harsh red lip.  Now on the down side, the emollient nature can also lead to you lipstick sliding or bleeding easily.  I combat this by blotting my Lanolin and applying a super thin layer of E.L.F Primer and Plumper around the outside of my mouth.  This gives the lipstick staying power and also adds a subtle highlight around the lips .

Here is a before and after pic from my Iris Apfel Mini Haul post.

Before (Party Parrot on bare dry lips)

I came home from work, tore into my Iris Apfel stash and applied Party Parrot.  Being a matte, it laughed at me, made a crack about my Momma, and proceeded to shimmy down into each and every dry craggy place on my mouth,  a look I affectionately call "The Crazy Aunt Maude".  You remember the formula: Matte + Day-Glo + Dry Lips = Crazy Aunt Maude    Well that's her up there.

After (Party Parrot over a layer of Lanolin)
This is the same night, approximately 5 mins after I applied a thin layer of Lanolin, let it sit for a few mins and wiped off the excess.  You can see a noticeable improvement in the texture, smoothness and suppleness of my lips.

Lanolin has been a miracle for me.  I put a thin layer on my lips when I get out of the shower and leave it on.  I do not wipe this off.  The result is twofold.  When I wake, my lips are soft and hydrated.  Also, it loosens dead skin layers which makes exfoliating as easy as gentling wiping your lips with a damp wash cloth (although my niece Cara makes a killer honey/sugar scrub I am dying to try!)  I apply another thin layer and blot before applying my lipstick, if needed.  It is not always necessary.

Now I am sure some of you have heard bloggers raving about Lanolips Ointment.  Well guess what that is?   Medical Grade Lanolin.  It's also about $12.00 for 15g of product.  Lansinoh Lanolin is around $10 for 40g  I have an older 56 g tube and I used it through two children and religiously as lip balm for a year and I just now am close to 50% through it.  This stuff will last longer then it is really ideal to keep it.  You could easily squeeze this into an empty squeeze tube or jar and carry this with you.  If you live with your parents, explain why you have this!  Don't give your poor Mom a heart attack when she sees this in your bathroom.

As with any product being used outside it's intended purpose, I encourage you to do your own research and decide if this is right from you. 
Visit Lansinoh

Where to Buy:  In store Target, Babies r Us,
Price:  $10-$12 for 40g


  1. I just discovered you through The Beauty Blogazons and love your writing! This is an absolutely great idea for a use of this stuff!

  2. Thank you very much!! It also makes wonderful cuticle cream.


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