Tuesday, January 10, 2012

MAC for Iris Apfel Mini Haul

This is going to be a huge departure for me.  When I look through my beauty stash, I probably have 50 variations of taupes, browns and other neutrals, but bright pops of color are noticeably absent.  So what brought me to make this leap into vibrant color?  Well that's something I would like to share with you.

For many people like me, this image was my first exposure to Iris Apfel.  I really didn't know what to make of her, having no idea who she was or what she meant to anything.  But I was intrigued, so I  set out to discover Iris Apfel.  It is hard to encapsulate Iris Apfel.  She was an interior designer who started Old World Weavers, a company that reproduced luxurious and historically accurate fabrics Iris and her Husband researched on their world travels.  She was prolific in the design world, all the while drawing fans and admirers to her signature over the top architectural clothing style.  Seriously, how many people have their wardrobe featured in the Metropolitan Museum of Art?  I can't do justice to this amazing woman, but I do understand why MAC chose to collaborate with her.  And the choices made in the collection I feel are a perfect representation of Iris' fearless approach to color and fashion.

For my shadow, I chose Robin's Egg.  A most curious name, as this shadow is more bold and teal then "robin's egg blue"  I call this a mediterranean teal.  It is a matte finish and as such has every right to be finicky and tricky to work with...but it isn't!

This is a wonderful shadow.  It goes on velvety smooth and is nearly opaque with one pass, and once you build up a few layers....it just takes on a richness that will be fun to play with.  I'm dying to try this look from the lovely Jangsara using Robin's Egg.

Now, the very first swatch I saw of Party Parrot made it look like a vivid, bright blue pink.  Bold to be sure, but not obnoxious.  Okay..ya this is obnoxious, but in an awesome way.  This is not bright pink, this isn't even neon pink, this is slap you in the face, dancing to WHAM in 1984, day-glo pink...with just a touch of orange (which you only see in person) 
No swatch I've seen can capture the pure in your face craziness of this color. I won't even recommend a skin tone to wear this, because honestly once you reach a certain level of color, it really just doesn't matter anymore.   And I am just in love with this being in Iris's collection.  She advocates finding your style voice and following it with fearless devotion.  Party Parrot is fearless pink.  A few hints on wearing this matte finish shade.  MOISTURIZE YOUR LIPS.  If you don't want to look like your crazy Aunt Maude, you need to make sure you put this on the smoothest base possible.      Matte + Day-Glo + Dry Lips = Crazy Aunt Maude.  Remember this formula!

I really hope you can still take advantage of this collection and inspire yourself to take a beauty risk, even if you do it in the privacy of your own home.  I also really hope you do some reading up about Iris Apfel.  For every Miss Piggy collection, I hope we get two more REAL style icons like Iris Apfel.

Where to buy: MAC
Prices: Vary

Here is a link to an interview with Iris herself!

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