Monday, January 9, 2012

Make Up For Ever 129 Eyeshadow

Iconic shades conjure names like Nars Orgasm, Chanel Dragon...MUFE 129?  It is so hard to get excited over a product named numerically, and I do want to get excited.  This is a brilliant shadow.

Lately, I've found myself looking outside of the MAC box for products that excite me.  MAC was always this comfortable place where I could spend my money and be assured of a fun, quality product.  During the last year we witnessed the steady unraveling of the high standards I think we all expected from MAC.  So I found myself turning my focus outward and Make Up For Ever is one place I've been looking.

129 is the first shadow I tried from MUFE.  I was drawn immediately to the inviting hot chocolate color, you can almost see it swirling deliciously in a cup, what a shame to saddle it with the uninviting name 129.    Next thing that drew me in was the texture.  This is the creamiest, most buttery texture of any shadow I've tried.  That's any brand.  theBalms Just This Once Jamie, was a close second, but suffered from far more powdery fallout.
 129 (Dark Fawn) is a warm mid tone brown.  The color is very similar to hot chocolate and there is a subtle shimmer.  This is a perfect lid color and will lend itself beautifully to a neutral soft summer eye.  It is very opaque on first application and you can build this up for a crease color very easily.

I've since tried a few other products from their line (which I will review) and I am very impressed.  If you are looking to branch out and starting looking into other brands, this would be a great launching pad.   Their shadows are $19.00 for 2.5g  That is a very good price for the amount of product you receive.  Plus when you pick one up, you wont have to cross your fingers, hold your breath and pray to the deity of your choosing that the quality you love wasn't changed and or destroyed.

Where to buy:  Sephora
Price:  $19.00 for 2.5g

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