Monday, January 2, 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo

This is another one of those Drugstore beauty products that is generating alot of buzz lately.  So, during my ongoing quest to find the L'Oreal Infallible shadows (you can't hide forever) I found a picked over display of these.  So I decided to put it to the test.

I debated which shade to pick up.  It was between Bad to the Bronze or Tough as Taupe.  Well given my undying love for all things taupe I went with the above.  I was disappointed to see this was a matte formula, as the frosted shades I had seen swatched were quite pretty.  But branching out and blah blah blah.  In the pot it was a lovely muted taupe with a nice undertone of lavender running through it...then I swatched it.........

Ok, it took me a while to figure out what the hell happened here. As soon as I touched my brush to the product, these nasty black and gray streaks began to form.  I instantly thought my brush has some residual product on it, so I inspected it, nope.  Clean as a whistle.  I tore the top off my MUFE eyeshadow box and used it to scrape away to the top layer, it just got worse and worse.  Now the entire thing was the color of the gross clay soil in my back yard.
So, awful color oxidation aside, I decided to test the formula out and see if I could anything near 24 hours of wear out of this.  I have oily lids so I am a great one to test out these claims.  I want to speak quickly to the texture.  I've seen alot of people mention the creamy texture and compare this to MAC Paint Pots, some even saying they were better and easier to apply.  Again, this is not my experience.  I have an old dried out pot of Soft Ochre and that applied slightly better then the Maybelline.  I chalk some of that up to the matte formula.  But the application here was no gift.

I applied this on bare lids, right out of the shower.  This was about 11pm last night.  I took no care applying this, I applied it over my lid and blended it above my crease...not easy to do.  This formula dries out quickly and on one eye it started to flake off as I blended.  It had a tacky feel on my eye that I noticed until I fell asleep.  It never felt entirely dry but it wasn't budging.

This is the same eye at 8am.  Hellooooo color, where are you?  I woke up with completely bare eyes..not a trace of color to be found.  My lids felt a little gross and filmy but no product remained visible.  I looked in the mirror around 4:30 this morning and at that point there was still a hint of color, no creasing but by 8am it had entirely faded.

This product was unpleasant from start to finish.  Bad color, bad application, no staying power just a total beauty fail.  Now, all that being said.  If you don't have $20 to drop on a MAC paint pot, this could possibly work.  I would never wear this on it's own, but the base is sticky enough that I feel it would work.  Just don't expect anything near the 24 hour wear claimed in the packaging.

Here is a token swatch.  The bottom is a heavy swatch and the top is as blended out as I could get it.  This would not wash off with soap and water at all.  Also, it nearly ruined my brush.  It took me forever to get the scuzzy residue out of the bristles.  I thought I was going to have to throw it away.  Steal my money and abuse my brushes??? I don't think so!

I can't recommend this.  Run away!

Where to buy:  Don't!
Price: Approx $8.00

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  1. I bought this color along with Pomegranate Punk. I haven't tried wearing them alone yet, but I didn't really buy them for that purpose. I bought them to wear under powder shadows. Used under powder shadows, they work great. They both applied very smoothly, no patchiness. As far as how they wore, I had no creasing, smearing, smudging, fading at all. Maybe they just don't work very well alone.

    I must say, though, that I also bought the turquoise shade months ago & hated it. That one did apply patchy on my skin. It had a strange consistency to it. Overall, I can't stand Maybelline products. They always disappoint me. These two shades I've kept of the Color Tattoo shadows are actually quite good, though.


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