Saturday, January 28, 2012

Morgana Cryptoria Lipgloss Alloy and Pimped Out Pumpkin

Alloy in Pot
I am working out how to present this review of Morgana Cryptoria lipglosses.  I usually like to keep my reviews neat and concise, this will be much more pic heavy, so forgive the formatting.  All swatches and application done with a MAC 318 Brush

The product I am reviewing here are the Morgana Cryptoria Lipglosses in the 3.5 gram mini pots.  These are not sample sizes and come filled almost to overflowing (see above).  I could probably use whats clinging to the lid for a year and not touch the main pot.  These are generous volumes.  Do yourself a favor, let these sit right side up for a few hours at least before opening or you will be scrubbing this off your floors...your pants.....the bathroom door (true story).

Pimped Out Pumpkin
The formula of this is like nothing I've tried.  The feel is that of a lovely, silky non sticky gloss.  Almost velvety in texture.  The color payoff?  To call something this gorgeous a gloss is almost a crime, I describe these colors as molten lipstick.  I simply have never..ever....EVER, seen a gloss that gives you color this opaque, this intense, this...sinful.   The only comparison I can think of is perhaps Illamasqua's Intense Lipgloss line.  There are simply no words to accurately describe my joy over this product.  And the color selection rivals and shames nearly every major industry brand out there.
Alloy label

You also have your choice of over 20 scent/flavors you can add to your gloss.  I just counted 29 unique options...that is insane.  You can choose unscented if you are bothered by scents, which will be  plus for sensitive noses.  A word of caution, make sure you really like the scent you pick, because the ones I chose pack a punch.  I picked Chai Tea for Alloy and Clove Oil for Pimped Out Pumpkin.  If you like plumpers or just enjoy that tingly sensation, choose something like Clove or Cinnamon.  My Clove Oil gloss has an intense warm, burny feel.  Now I don't really like that sensation myself, I prefer mint burn to cinnamon burn.  But it's something to keep in mind when picking your custom scent.

Okay, less talky more swatchy!!

Alloy natural light

Alloy indoor light
Alloy in diffuse sunlight

Alloy in more direct sunlight

Alloy is an intense liquid gold gloss.  This is pure luxury for your lips.  As intense and opaque as this is, it is really quite wearable.  I would use this on it's own or layered over a darker lipstick for an interesting effect.  You need so little product to achieve the look above, the pigmentation is just amazing!!  I can't wait to wear this out on a beautiful summer evening, I'm all fluttery just thinking about it.

On with the swatches!

Pimped Out Pumpkin  (looks like Tomato Bisque)

Pimped Out Pumpkin in natural light

Pimped Out Pumpkin in indoor light

Pimped Out Pumpkin in diffuse sunlight
Pimped Out Pumpkin in more direct sunlight

Pimped Out Pumpkin is a toasted orange shade with amazing gold sparkle throughout.  It is slightly less opaque then alloy, but then again, not really.  Let me explain.  With Alloy, you can layer and layer the color and it stays very smooth and even.  Pimped Out Pumpkin is just a little more finnicky.  My first layer when on much like Alloy did, however as I went back over it to fill in and fix spots, I started to take color off, creating patches.  Also, this shade did start to settle into my lip lines pretty quickly.  Here is an example
Lip Lines more visible
This is still better then most glosses in terms of payoff and wear, just know some results will differ.  I think the Pumpkin shade will ultimately work better over a liner or lipstick, something to keep it from moving around and settling into lines.

Since these are not tacky, they don't have the longest wear time. Maybe 1-2 hours, a little less on Pimped Out Pumpkin, a little more on Alloy.   My biggest complaint is I can't pack these around for quick touch ups.  If they are not perfectly level when you open them, you will be wearing them on more surfaces then just your face.  You can depot these into tubes, which is what I plan to do.

Pimped Out Pumpkin label

Melissa posted on Facebook that the pots will be phased out in Feb 2012 and will be replaced by a tube, size is yet to be determined.  I think this will be more user friendly and I welcome the change.

I saved the best part for last.  You know what you pay for a generous helping of handcrafted, custom blended, intensely colored lip glory?    $5.00 for a 3.5gram mini pot $12.00 for 10 gram tube   I'll give you a minute to let that sink in....OK?  Go now!  Shop!!

Where to buy: Morgana Cryptoria
Price: $5.00 for a mini pot  $12.00 for a tube   **Thanks to Sandra for correcting my error on 10gram pricing!


  1. Sorry, don't mean to be a pain in the ass, but the price is somewhat incorrect. Yes, the pots cost $5 for 3.5 grams. But the 10 gram tubes are actually +$7. Making the 10 gram tubes $12 in total, the same price as her lipsticks. But they are still very much worth it. I'm glad, though, that I bought the pots, as messy as they are, because that 3.5 grams is going to last forever! I couldn't believe how full they were when I opened them. I'm planning on putting mine into different packaging as well, even though I already split them into 2 pots. I love them and use them daily since I got them but as you said, they're impossible to take with me anywhere. The formula is great stuff, even with the downside to them. Very different from all the other brands of glosses I have and wear far longer than any of them too. Her lip products, glosses and gel lipsticks,are definitely my newest favorites! I'm now waiting to receive my second order with a bunch of her 'regular' lipsticks, although I'm sure there's nothing 'regular' about them.

    Thanks for the swatches! These are shades I haven't yet ordered :-)

  2. Sandra, thank you for the correction! I see now the +$7.00 on the order page, I totally read that wrong. I will update this post accordingly. Still a great deal!


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