Thursday, January 19, 2012


I am so easily sidetracked sometimes it's not even funny.  I happened upon these fun little shadow sticks at a store today and since they were Buy One get One 1/2 off I decided to try them out.  The instantly reminded me of NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils.  I have always wanted to try NYX pencils, but am STILL furious over the atrocious customer service during their 12 year Anniversary sale...remember the one where you couldn't you know, BUY anything?   Well needless to say, I am not buying those anytime soon, but these beauties looked so close they had to be similar right?   Let's see.
Size wise these seem very comparable to the NYX pencils.  The color range was limited, maybe 6 or 7 shades, but a nice well rounded selection.  These are priced at $1.99 so they are cheaper then a NYX pencil.  Here is how they are described by Wet n Wild "Silky-Smooth formula glides on easily for high-impact, light infused colors that lasts for hours" *emphasis mine

I picked up four shades.  left to right above Pixie(light frosted tan) Techno (pinky purple with blue duochrome)  Envy (emerald green) Graphite (dark frosted grey, nearly black)

I immediately had some concerns.  These swatched "Ok"  except for Techno which was sheer and smeary.  They also had an oily feel when applied.  I was nervous about staying power before these even hit my lids.  First one I tried swatching on the lid was Techno.  I was so excited about the color, but it was such a nightmare going on, I knew it was not fair to test performance with that color, even on my hand it swatched badly.  So I looked to Graphite to carry the torch.  You can see what happened next...

Graphite Bare Lid
Graphite+ MAC Moonlight Night Pigment Bare Lid
I did one eye just the creme shadow and the other I patted on MAC Moonlight Night Pigment.  It was greasy, hard to apply evenly and even when patted with pigment it was patchy.  One hour later.....
One hour later, Graphite only

One hour later Graphite+MAC Moonlight Night Pigment
Well, not much to say, total beauty fail, however, I am not giving up. Because I would never use this over a bare lid, even if it looked great.  So to give them the benefit of the doubt, I pulled out all the stops.  These next were done over MUFE HD Foundation + TARTE Smooth Operator Clay Finishing Powder AND E.L.F Eyelid Primer.  Nothing is getting off this lid without divine intervention.

Graphite Alone fully primed

Graphite+MAC Moonlight Night fully primed
The best thing I could say was the application wasn't as sh*tty.  And one hour later??......

One hour later Graphite only fully primed

One Hour Later Graphite + MAC Moonlight Night fully primed
Speaks for itself.  I was really bummed out about these results.  I've been experiencing budget beauty euphoria lately and these took the wind out of my sails.  Like all brands you get hits and misses.  The good thing about these is I spent under $10 dollars so it doesn't sting as bad as some of the $30 abominations MAC has been releasing lately.

I still believe Wet n Wild is a brand whose quality continues to grow and grow.  But with some products, the budget formula just wont pay off for you.  I can't recommend these at all.  I do not see a circumstance where these would perform even adequately.

Where to Buy: Anywhere Wet n Wild is sold
Price:  $1.99


  1. Wow, that really bites! I have 3 of these - the purple, dark blue and green. I've never had problems like this with them, though. I usually put on my eye concealer to even out my lid tone, set it with a powder I mixed together myself, then put whichever of these I have chosen for the day and pack on my pressed shadow or pigments overtop. I'm shocked to see how badly these worked for you because I never experienced the same thing. I also have found that I can dip my bent liner brush into these and smudge them on for a liner, or even very finely line my eyes with them. After applying I always set them with a similar shade of mineral shadow overtop. I do the same thing with my NYX fat shadow sticks - specifically the darker shades. Neither brand creases, fades or smudges on me. My lids aren't particularly dry or super oily either, but the rest of my skin is quite oily. So I'm surprised I haven't had the same problems as you have. Have you tried the Rimmel fat shadow sticks? They're kinda glossy and sticky, and are more sheer/iridescent as far as pigmentation goes. They also come in far less colors than NYX. But they really grip eye shadows and keep them on all day for me. Granted, they are quite a bit more expensive than WnW or even NYX, but they are also quite a bit bigger. Best to get them on sale when possible.

  2. This was the first creme shadow stick i've tried. And I am not really surprised to hear these worked for you. My eyelids are a curse I tell you. Sort of like the Maybelline Color Tattoo Shadows...I HATE them, they totally suck on my lids...but I am in the .0001% minority on that one lol. I will try NYX or Rimmel next..something has to work.


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