Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Essence Cosmetics XXXL Shine Lip Gloss True Love and Big Night Out

XXL is enough for some....
Yet another great product from Essence Cosmetics.  This is their XXXL Shine Lip Gloss.  Essence Cosmetics is a European brand now being sold in the US.  Think British Wet n Wild.  They offer a similar variety of goods at a comparable price point.

Pretty Pair
These glosses caught my eye on the shelf because the packaging reminded me a lot of a Buxom lip gloss.  I am not a huge lip gloss fan, Buxom being my favorite by far, so I thought I would see how these compare. The two colors I chose were Big Night Out (Opaque shimmery rosey nude) and True Love ( slighty orange toned berry with a bluish micro sparkle *contains Carmine)

Big Night Out
Big Night out immediately reminded me of my very favorite gloss ever, ever MAC Viva Glam VI.  You know what, it's better!  Now I don't want to take anything away from a great cause like MAC's Viva Glam campaign, but this gloss is really nice.

XXXL Nude Battle!

Both these glosses have a similar rosey beige color.  The glitter in the MAC is more pronounced and the color is not as opaque as the Essence gloss.  The shimmer in  Big Night Out is so super fine it almost makes the gloss look illuminated.  It really is lovely.  I don't know that I would layer this gloss over much more then a nude liner simply because the the way it reflects light is just so amazing on it's own.

True Love

True Love is a very interesting color.  In the tube and even on the arm alone it looks like a very standard berry shade.  It reminded me most of Buxom Michelle.  When I swatched them side by side, True Love started to look all together different.

Berry Rumble
Again, the shimmer in the Essence is finer then the Buxom gloss and when you lay this next to another berry shade, True Love had a distinct orange undertone to it.  It was unexpected and warmed up what would normally be a cool berry gloss.

These glosses are not sticky, semi opaque, and have a scent I have not placed yet..it's floral with a touch off synthetic.  It doesn't linger and only really gets to me if I stand there and huff it (like for a review).  These do not tingle, warm or burn.  Wear time is just what I would expect for a non sticky gloss about 1-2 hours.

Big Night Out wore a little longer then True Love and True Love settled into my lip lines really quickly.  I have this problem with most non sticky glosses so I usually layer these over lipsticks.
Oh yeah, check out the applicator on this....


I am sure this has a proper name, but I call it MEGA Doe!  Essence is on the left, MAC's doe foot applicator on the right.  While I thought I would like the larger applicator at first, it is a bit of a pain when applying the gloss to the upper lip.    I generally I like a smaller applicator on glosses.  This one is so long I have a hard time keeping a steady hand.  Not a deterrent at all, but it is what it is.

This is the third product I've tried from Essence and so far I've loved them all.  They offer great quality products at incredibly reasonable prices. 

Where to Buy: ULTA and Fred Meyers
Price: $1.99 for 0.1oz

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  1. I recently discovered the Essence line at Fred Meyer and picked up an XXXL lip gloss and it's FANTASTIC! Great review - very accurate.


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