Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Ecstasy (and Agony) of Milani Haute Flash Lip Gloss

Why, oh why, did you have to be so pretty? Sadly this is an abbreviated review of Milani Haute Flash Lipgloss in Star Flash. I've searched for these ever since trying and falling in love with Milani Lip Flash. I scored a tube of this amazing gloss recently and was just happy as a lark *cue thunder and lighting* a woman screams....

Milani Haute Flash is a wonderfully rich complex lipgloss, that delivers high impact color and to die for sparkle.  They are a knockout on their own and they bring some bling to what ever lip product you pair it with.

Star Flash is a baby/bubble gum pink with pink sparkles throughout.  It is a perfect choice to jazz up a "natural" look or use it as a blush of color to offset a dramatic smokey eye.  It is wonderfully versatile.
The down side??.....

About 10 seconds after I put this on, my lips felt warm.  At first I thought it was an intense plumping effect, but it felt..wrong.  It wasn't a tingle or even a was HOT.  Hot quickly turned to "why do I feel like I have pop rocks on my lips"  At this point I am snapping the swatches as fast as I can and praying my lips don't explode.  Clearly, I am very allergic to this gloss.  I asked around because I know a few bloggers can't wear MAC Plushglass for this reason. I don't know if these products are similar and this is not a slam against the product.  People react differently to all sorts of items.  However, if you ever experience lip sensitivity or reactions, just be warned that this may have an effect on you.  It is a first for me and I am truly bummed.

Final Thoughts

Crazy pop rock lips aside, it really is a great gloss.  I can't speak to wear time, but this is a non sticky gloss that dries down to a cushiony finish, so I expect you can get a solid 2 hours out of this.  I love Milani Lipglosses, period.  You should too.

Where to buy: Online, I use Cherry Culture as they have frequent sales on Milani
Price: $7.49


  1. Dang, that stinks. Do you think you'll be able to figure out which ingredient(s) are the culprit(s)?

  2. I plan to try. I suspect some common ingredient shared by Plushglass and Haute Flash may be the culprit. Unfortunately I threw away the imprinted wrapper with the ingredients. I am tracking down ingredient lists now, if I figure it out, I will post. I would really like to figure it out so this doesn't happen again.


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