Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lipstick Bleeds Got Ya Down? Get E.L.F Lip Lock Pencil!

I only have time for a quickie review...Hunger Games night!!!!!!  Although brief, I've wanted to talk to you about this product for a long while.  A little background, I have a love/hate thing with lipsticks.  I adore them, I buy them, but I have a terrible time wearing them.  My lips full on raging rivers of color leaking out across my face.  Makes it very hard to get excited about lip color *sad quivery music*

Enter E.L.F Lip Lock Pencil!  I've know about clear liners for a few years, yet never managed to find one at a price point I felt comfortable with.  It just feels wrong to spend $18+ on something you don't actually see.  I was at a point where I was going to find a cheap clear eyebrow pencil to use, when I stumbled upon my Lip Locking friend.

I had no idea E.L.F even made this, I was so excited, but I'll admit, the cynic in me said "Everything you ever wanted for $3?  Not gonna work."  *smug face*  Ya...turns out it kinda kicks ass.  It's a clear waxy twist up stick.  Like a dry tube of Chapstick.

As you can see this goes on totally clear.  You can get a little bit of flaking if you press to hard or have dry skin, but you can gently brush it off.  Now, the idea of this product is to apply it outside your lip line, not on it or on your lips.  It creates a barrier outside your natural lip line that color won't dare creep past.

Does it work?  Yes, it really does.  I tried several before and after pics, but I just did not get the shot I was after, but please believe me this does work!  I use this daily, it works with lip glosses and lipsticks equally well.  Now if you go super bold or dramatic, like a vibrant red lip, you might still see a little feathering.  Some lip colors will always need maintenance, but for 90% of your lip looks this will do the trick. E.L.F Lip Lock opened up a whole new side of beauty for me.

Oh ya, forgot to mention.  That rattling sound, the one you will probably notice and may not understand.....

It's this guy, and not broken glass or smuggled pills like I convinced myself it was.  Hey, girls got a good imagination.  This is housed inside the tube and you retrieve it by taking off the bottom cap.  This is not easy to do, nor is it really necessary as it is clear and has twist up advancing. But now you know.

Final Thoughts

Everyone should have this in their bag of tricks. Period!

Where to buy:  E.L.F or Target
Price: $3

Reminder:  There are a still a couple days left to enter my Wet 'n' Wild Flora and Fauna Collection Giveaway.


  1. Great review. $3 is incredible! Thank you for writing about the rattling noise, too! xx

  2. One of my top beauty finds ever! And I was relieved to discover what that rattling was. I was seriously going all Jack Bauer, thinking there was some weird plot to smuggle stuff in cosmetics..I have a way overactive imagination.

  3. My mom has a terrible time with lipstick not lasting on her lips, but it never looks like it's "bleeding" or feathering off. I personally think she eats it off, LOL. DO you think this product would help her lipstick stay on longer? Also, since it's not a pointed-tip product, it it difficult to line your lips with this? Thanks :-)

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  5. Well as for the pointed part, I don't personally have an issue with the blunt end, because I do a sloppy pass around the lipline. It works for me, but it does have a sharpener in the base so you can get a finer point. I don't think this product would do well on lips to keep lipstick on. It is too waxy, I think it would be hard to get good coverage. I am a reformed lipstick biter, there are not many products to help. My best advice is use some sort of exfoliation and lip balm to help eliminated little bits to chew on. Stay away from frost lipsticks that tend to be very drying. Maybe a tinted lip shimmer like the ones from Wet 'n' Wild and Burt's Bees will help give me moist lips with a little color. Barring that, maybe a lip stain, but I found I chewed those too. Exfoliated, hydrated lips are her best shot. E.L.F Does also have a lip primer/plumper (I've reviewed) If it is a longevity issue, a semi emollient primer should help keep things locked down.


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