Friday, April 20, 2012

Beauty Euphoria with Essence No Better Way to Sky Blush

Hey everyone!  I have just a little post today to share this awesome blush I found from the Essence Legends of the Air Trend Edition.  First off, what a fun and unique collection theme.  I love the retro feel to the packaging!  The entire collection reminds me of the movie Memphis Belle, which saw me through an almost obsessive Eric Stoltz crush.

This is the first blush I've tried from Essence.  I have a very bad track record with budget brand blushes.  I find them to be hard, scarcely pigmented and prone to fading. Just inferior products all around.  Not this guy.

No Better Way to Sky is a richly pigmented orange blush with the barest hint of shimmer. 

I purchased this thinking it would go on a light apricot or peach, this baby is orange.  Yet, I found it to be a very wearable shade of orange.  I usually like a rosey balance to my peach and orange blushes so this was a departure for me.  If you are new to orange blushes, here is a little tip.  If you have red tones in your hair, don't wear this blush and orange eyeshadow or you will look like a fiery Q-Tip. Not a great look.  So just be aware of the possibilities for orange overload.

The texture is smooth, it can go on very intense or it can blend out for a more natural look.  This wore all day for me with very little fading.  I also wasn't digging at my cheeks all day so I am curious what the bismuth content on this baby is. 

Final Thoughts

If this is what I can expect from Essence Cosmetics other blushes then I am converted. The quality here surpassed even my MAC blushes and at a fraction of the price.  I really hope Essence expands their line into more stores.  These collections are tough to find, but worth the effort.

Where to buy: ULTA carries Essence, but I've never seen a Style Trend Collection there.  If you have a Fred Meyers, HEB or Shoppers Drugmart (Canada)

This is their January 2012 Trend Edition but it only just arrived at my local store. You should still find these in some locations.

Price:  $2.49


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