Friday, April 13, 2012

Beauty From The Earth : The Green Anthology

When placing my very first Beauty From the Earth order, I gave myself only two rules, two restrictions.  First, no Taupe!  I just don't need any more neutrals.  Second, no green!  Next to Taupe it is the one color I never ever need to buy..ever.  So after months of agonizing, plotting, reworking and charting what did my order look like?.....

I either have no self control or I am totally color blind.  Regardless, this will be a swatch heavy post of all the greens I ordered.  Like my previous reviews, the quality, blend-ability and color payoff of these shadows are phenomenal.  While I did not intend to purchase a single green, I am so glad I did.  Even though many of these are similar, in person and hopefully in my swatches you will see the subtle nuances in the color.  Ok, get comfy, grab a drink, go pee.  This may take a while.

*click images to enlarge 


Guilty is a matte army green

Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning is a shimmery lime green *This is my fav of the bunch


Orionis is a shimmery golden chartreuse.  It is also one of BFTE's new Pro Colors


Grassy is a matte vivid mossy green

Part Two


Lavish is a shimmery chartreuse green

Ying Yang

Ying Yang is a shimmery yellow/spring green


Limelight is shimmery light golden green


Twisted is a matte light yellow/green

Lucky Me

Lucky Me is light frosted silvery green

Final Thoughts

Amazing, said before...keep saying it.  You can't miss.  Any color you can think of, they will have it.  Spring is here,  have some fun and play with some color! 

Where to buy:  Beauty From the Earth
Price:  Samples $2 for  .5 gram  or Full Size $6.50 for 1-3 gram

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