Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Blue Tuesday Nail Look With Revlon and Essence

Here is a quickie nail look I did last night to hold me over until Friday Nails rolls around again.
This is just a simple one color base with a multi sized blue glitter overcoat.  Simple but eye catching.

*click on images to enlarge

Here are the colors I used to make this look

Revlon Chic, this is a dusty wedge-wood blue creme and was nearly opaque at one coat and Essence Glorious Aquarius, this is a predominately blue glitter suspended in a thick clear base.  There are multiple sizes of blue and silver hex glitter and a smattering of smaller glitter particles.  I love this top coat!

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  1. This is very pretty, love that Teal. No7 do Totally Teal a very similar colour. It shouldn't work but it just does. I think if you have yellow toned skin, it just has an empathy with the colour. Lovely hex glitter


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