Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cult of Taupe Won It's First Award!

I was given my first award! Bee Loves Beauty was kind enough to give me the One Lovely Blog Award.  It means so much that Bee saw something she liked in my blog and chose to recognize it.  Thanks Bee!

So, it looks like I am to share a few facts about myself and then select some of my favorite blogs to receive this award.

Fact time!

1. I am a closet recovering Goth.  I used to be really...REALLY goth.  It's been refined over the years to now just wearing a lot of black.

So young...

2. I consider myself very lucky to have achieved my lifetime concert goal of seeing Morrissey, The Cure and Siouxsie and the Banshees all live.

3. I am a sporadic, but obsessive reader.  I don't read books often, but when I do, I read to the exclusion of everything else including eating, sleeping and peeing. I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in less then a day.

 4.Like quite a few other bloggers out there, I am also a pretty big gamer, or was, when I had more time.  I am a big fan of MMORPG and I am practically giddy waiting for Diablo III to launch.

EQ + Glitches = good times

5. I have two tattoos, a dragon on my back and black cat on my ankle.  I've had a few piercings, but one was special.  I got my nose pierced the day I met my husband so that has some sentimental value.

6. I have had some weird celebrity crushes over the years including Eric Idle (Monty Python), Martin Short and Peter Tork (The Monkees)

7. I met my husband online and we had a non traditional wedding 8 years later
Yes, I was pregnant

Now, as for those I am passing this award onto.  I think other people are choosing 15, but I am going to do a shorter list if that's ok.  I would like to share this with 5 bloggers who stand out to me.

In no particular order.

Beauty Gnome A wonderful new blog that is catching fire, I love her fun nail art too
Beauty by Krystal Krystal is a fellow Essence nail fiend.  That makes her good people in my eyes.  She makes cute babies too.
Clumps of Mascara Brittany has not only helped me with oodles of advice, but she is unfailingly positive, holla!
Bower of Blisse I really love the looks on this blog and the retro vibe she has, and those lips..drool.
The Daily Glamour Not a blog per se, but Autumn inspires my creativity and beauty confidence like no other

Thank you again, this means alot.


  1. Congrats on your award, and thank you so much for awarding me, your words are so sweet and you made me laugh saying I make cute babies, lol! :)
    I'm glad your a fellow Essence fan too, a lot of people won't even try them because they're so "cheap", lol! We're beauty risk takers ;)

  2. Thanks for posting the worst picture of me ever.

  3. Aha! I knew there was a reason I enjoyed reading your blogs so much. I too am a recovered goth. Wardrobe still holding tight at 90% black and a recovered MMO addict (I was a rogue in EQ and a warlock in WoW). This weekend will be all about rebuilding my computer in anticipation of Diablo3 which Blizzard was kind enough to release just before my birthday ;) I foresee an initial decrease in blogging mid-May while I crack out. Hopefully I can schedule a bunch of posts. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I did Diablo III open beta...DROOL! This is gonna be a marriage ender for sure.


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