Saturday, April 14, 2012

Friday Night Nails: A Journey Across the Pond with A-England Ascalon

Remember that scene in Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle where Kumar blisses out and his "life montage" about his bag o weed (Weedie)?  Ya, that is me and Ascalon from A-England.  There is something about this polish that got my blood going.  I am not a particular fan of greys, but that hint of lavender and the primsatic holo glitter called out to me. 

Earlier this month A-England had a 30% sale and I could resist no longer, Ascalon had to be mine.  And so it is....  I normally reserve Friday Night Nails for my nail art looks, but there was no way I was covering this polish up.  It is far too complex, too stunning.  I tried to photograph this in a variety of lighting, to help you see all the different facets of color this gives off.  Enjoy!

Diffuse semi direct sunlight

Diffuse semi direct sunlight

Close up direct sunlight you can start to see the holo effect here

Shot in a sunbeam, not the best shot but it really shows the holo effect

In the bottle you can see the slight lavender cast

Final Thoughts

This is a top notch polish.  It goes on very nearly opaque in one coat and has a tendency to dry quickly, so I recommend quick thin coats. I topped this with a coat of Seche Vite and the gloss really helps this polish come alive.  In a day or two I will try adding a coat for China Glaze Fairy Dust because, well because Fairy Dust makes everything awesome and I suspect that Ascalon + Fairy Dust will yield a nail color so amazing I may well fall over and die.

You can find A- England at a variety of online retailers like  llarowe  and A-England

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