Monday, April 23, 2012

Go Check Out BFTE Color of the Week Lava Momma!

Have you heard me rave about Beauty From the Earth's Color of the Week deals?  If you answered yes, go sort your sock drawer or pet a kitty, if you answered no, here is how it works.  Each Sunday people (via Facebook or Twitter) suggest a color to become Color of the Week.  BFTE posts three options on their Facebook page and the fans vote for their favorite.  Monday morning they name the winner.

Image Credit Beauty From the Earth and Daily Glamour

So what do you get?  For $6.00 you get a full sized jar of the Color of the Week as well as 3 samples of your choice.  This is a crazy deal.  Regular price for a full sized jar is $6.50 and samples are $2.00 each.  So you get $12.50 worth of shadow for $6.00.  Shipping is a reasonable $4.00 flat rate in the US.  1 per person, per week.

You can very quickly and inexpensively amass a good supply of amazing shadows just by scooping up the COTW.

And just so you know, they mix it up.  You won't have 3 weeks of green in a row (that I've seen), it's not some weird shade of puce only your Aunt Esmeralda would wear.

I plan to keep you updated what the new color is each Monday, so go check out Lava Momma. Also, go visit the lovely Autumn over at The Daily Glamour.  She has hundreds of looks posted using BFTE shadows.  What to see how to use the COTW or need some sample ideas, check out her looks.

Beauty From The Earth and The Daily Glamour

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