Friday, April 6, 2012

I am back and I brought Wet 'n' Wild Silk Finish Lipstick!

OMG bad blogger, I have so much to show you guys and pretty much zero time this week to do it. I apologize, here is a quick review of a Wet 'n' Wild Silk Finish Lipstick in 502A Dark Pink Frost. I scored this out of a cookie jar sale in my local Bi-Mart and this was actually the first time I've tried this formula.

I chose this color because the gold reflect in this reminds me of two of my favorite lipsticks MAC Baron's Rose and O.  I love the gold shimmer effect all these colors share.  This shade pairs it with a very pretty rose pink.  The gold neither overwhelms nor dominates the lipstick, it is just a nice nuance.

One drawback to a reflect frost is they are usually super drying. When I wear MAC O, I have to put on 3 layers of balm to keep my lips from turning into paper. This formula wasn't that bad. It was a little drying, but nothing irritating or severe. I put the wear time at 4-6 hours. I put mine on at 7am and still had a good amount left at 12pm. I only reapplied after eating.  That is really good for a budget brand.

Final Thoughts

If the rest of the Silk Finish lipsticks behave like this, then they are well looking into.  There is a good variety of colors and finishes to choose from so I definitely recommend picking up a few to try.

Where to buy:  Stores that sell Wet n Wild
Price: $1.00

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