Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Listen Up! Essence Stay All Day Shadow Isn't Messing Around

Today's review is an Essence product I kept looking for and just couldn't find. Every single display was sold out. Then I found my own personal Essence mecca. A little out of the way place only I seem to know Essence Nirvana if you will. And they had it!

Why the fuss?  This product reminds me of products like L'Oreal Infallible Shadows and Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill.  It is a long wearing, crease proof, creamy mousse like shadow.

This product has slightly whipped feel to it so it comes out of the pot very easily.  You don't have to work it like you do with some of the L'Oreal shadows.  And it is very, very pigmented.  A finger tap will cover both eyes with some to spare.

The shade I chose is Glammy Goes To...  It is a highly metallic sandy tan color.  Did I say metallic?  Sorry, I meant ultra mega metallic.  If you like shimmer and shine then this is right up your alley. Unlike some other "all day" shadows this product delivers the goods.  Here is a close to verbatim transcript of taking off the arm swatch with make up remover.  Rub a few times "Hmm" More remover ,rub, rub, rub, rub.  "Holy shit, they're not kidding" 

I did a day long wear test, this doesn't budge, crease, smear, fade, crack wise 'bout your momma..nothing.  It stays precisely where you put it until you set your mind towards removing it.


After (12+hours)

The only drawback to me is the metallic finish.  It is so strong that I find it hard to use this as a base, which with this staying power, I totally want to do.  However, no matter what I put over, the metallic breaks through and lightens the color of the shadow you lay on top.  Now if shine is your thing, you need to find this!

Final thoughts

Lives up to the claims, provides high impact shine and carries a teeny price tag.  Worth looking into.

Where to buy:  Ulta Fred Meyer, HEB
Price: $2.49

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