Saturday, April 21, 2012

More Orange Glory w/ No Better Way to Sky Polish from Essence

Alas, I had to cancel Friday Night nails this week.  I was busy Covering the Night with my sister and whipping up a nasty case of the flu while doing it.  This girl knows how to party!  Figures, I get super excited about my first weekly feature and instantly miss like every single week.  Lamez0rz.  I do have a great look planned for the next edition!

However, I do want to share a swatch post for this great new Essence polish I stumbled upon.  If you have access to a store that sells their Trend Editions, look for Legends of the Sky.  Amazing stuff.

No Better Way to Sky is a very pretty apricot/ orangesicle  color.  It is a opaque creme polish with a formula that leans to the thick side.  It still applies nicely, but I recommend using thicker coats.  I tried to do a thinner wash of color to build up and it started to dry and get streaky.  I did not need to use a fast dry top coat, it locked down on it's own very quickly.

These limited edition polishes are much bigger then the mini .99 cent bottles and so far they do not disappoint.  I only wish I had to foresight to pick up the other shades while I was there.

Where to buy: ULTA carries Essence, but I've never seen a Style Trend Collection there.  If you have a Fred Meyers, HEB

This is their January 2012 Trend Edition but it only just arrived at my local store. You should still find these in some locations.
Price:  $2.49

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