Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Teals Are Coming ! Beauty From The Earth Delivers Again

Teal, you are the prettiest color I never use.  Teal above all others colors draws me in, entices me with all it's spritely energy and sharp sexiness.  Alas, in my hands, it looks like a little girl playing in her momma's makeup.  However, these teals are too beautiful not to buy and I will learn to wear them...as God as my witness!

*click images to enlarge

I only tried a few teals this time around, but after seeing the gorgeousness in person I will definitely buy more...perhaps even the 16pc Teal Palette.  Three of these shades were just tops of the tops and everything I've come to expect from BFTE.  That last one, Tropical, had great potential, but kept separating. Aside from that it was a great shade to work with.


Illusion is a shimmery deep blue teal..makes a gorgeous eyeliner when applied wet

Tickle Me

Tickle Me is a shimmery bright clear cyan teal


Charm is a shimmery sea blue teal with fine sparkles throughout. This reminded me so much of Leesha's (Xsparkage) District 4 look  By far my favorite teal..the sparkles make this shade.


Tropical is a matte green blue teal.  As seen in the swatches, this one separated from the blue.  I know this can happen when you brush a matte mineral shadow, but even when patted this shade was patchy.  It's too bad, it would be a lovely color.

Final Thoughts
Broken record time.  Beauty From the Earth makes a dizzying array of top quality, affordably priced shadows (and more).  If you ever wanted to try out that new craze or pick up that blue eye shadow that harkens back to the days of Chic Jeans and platforms give BFTE a whirl.  They make it a breeze to be daring and stylish.

Check out their color themed collections.  They are $29.00 for 16 samples in a tin and they have a few to choose from, including a build your own option. They offer a Teal Palette that is mouth watering. You save $3 and you get the nifty tin.

Where to buy:  Beauty From the Earth
Price: Samples $2 for  .5 gram  or Full Size $6.50 for 1-3 gram

Note: I am not affiliated in any way with Beauty From the Earth.  I am simply a rabid fan devoted to shining a spotlight on this wonderful company.


  1. Lovely, I have these minus Charm. i love teal too<3

    1. I am curious, do you have the same problem with Tropical? I wonder if I used too sticky a base on that one. I am sad because it is my only matte teal.

  2. Ah I love teals. Tickle Me is gorgeous and the pigmentation looks insane. I really wish more companies like BFTE sold samples.


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