Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fyrinnae Absolutely Nails Neutrals!

I am about to lay some cult classics on you.  I dearly hope you know of the brand Fyrinnae, for they are a beauty legend.  They put out some of the most complex, interesting shadows you will ever see.  Sadly, very few images of a Fyrinnae shadow do justice to their intricate beauty.

This is a selection of a few Fyrinnae browns/neutrals I was dying to try out.  I was right to lust after these gorgeous shadows.  This is pure makeup bliss.

All swatches done over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy.  Click images to enlarge.

Samhain Spirits

Samhain Spirits is a satin mauve/wine with pink sparkles throughout.  Photos do not do this shadow justice..at all.  This is probably one of the prettiest lid colors I've ever seen.  It has a very subtle rosy gold reflect that is nearly impossible to capture on film.  This is a definite must have.

Sake and Sashimi

Sake and Sashimi is a warm, rich golden brown with green sparkles throughout.  This is positively alive in the jar.  The green sparkles offer a wonderful juxtaposition to the warm golden shade of the brown.  They play off one another beautifully.

Knickers in a Twist

Knickers in a Twist is a taupe legend!  I first saw this amazing color on "the" source of all things taupe Pink Sith.  This is that perfect combination of  brown/grey/purple.  For me, this is the taupe against which all other taupes are measured.  It is another must have.


 Steampunk is a rich blackened golden brown sprinkled with dazzling golden glitter.  This is another shadows that radiates fire in the jar.  I think it is perfectly named and again, it's a must have.


Pumpkinfire is a black based shadow with generous orangey/pumpkin glitter.  It's a lovely shadow, but I will say I was disappointed.  I've been on the fence wanting to purchase this for years, but I really wanted this to be more of an orange reflect as opposed to strong orange glitter.  All that aside, this would make a to die for smokey eye.

Final Thoughts
Wow!  You don't get to be a cult favorite without earning it.  Fyrinnae is in a class of their own.  Their shadows are the most complex, beautiful shadows I've tried.  Period.  They can be a bit finicky to work with.  To preserve the complexity of the color, you need to pat these over a sticky base (like Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy)  You can't sweep these across your lids like you would most other shadows without losing some of the quality.  I am still a bit clumsy blending these shadows, but it can be done with patience and practice.  They also offer some of the most generous sample sizes out there.

A word of warning, they have a sizeable turn around time on orders m currently 18-26 days.  While I've personally never waited longer then 2 weeks for an order, please know, this is a small independent company.  The quality of the product you are purchasing is worth the wait.  Please extend them every courtesy.

Where to buy: Fyrinnae
Price: Samples $2.00 (for 1/3 to 1/4 tsp in 5 gr jar) Full Size $5.90 to $6.35 (for approx 3 grams in a 5 gr jar)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Crawled Out of a Dungeon to Bring You Wet 'n Wild Stagedive

*does the morning after walk of shame back to the blog*

OK, I admit it.  I am addicted to Diablo III....so much so that I beat it once (Diablo fights like a girl) and currently am up to my neck in Nightmare Act III.  So, I am really deeply sorry for the radio silence.  I truly have the worlds largest review backlog, but I like shiny lewts!

I dug this one out of the vaults, so I could get something out to you all.  *hugs and gropes*

This is Wet 'n' Wilds Color Icon Single in Stagedive.  Stagedive is a deep true blue with silvery sparkles.  I usually do not care for blue shadows but this reminded me of a deep starry night so I thought I would give it a chance.

It definitely applies sheerer then it appears in the pan.  But if you layer it over a good base you can achieve a nice depth of color.  Like other Wet 'n' Wild Color Icon shadows, the texture is soft without being too chalky.  I like the way the sparkle accents what would otherwise be a matte/satin shadow.  It give the look a little pop without full blown glitter overload.

Final Thoughts

I am pleased with all my Color Icon singles.  I wish there was a larger selection of colors, but any of them are worth checking out.  My favs are Envy (rich green)  and Nutty (golden brown)

Where to buy: Stores that sell Wet 'n' Wild
Price: $1.99

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wet 'n' Wild Eye Make-Up Remover Misses the Mark

OMG...I am so sorry I've been silent this week.  Diablo III + 2 Year Old with an ear infection = no bloggy.  However, I will make time to squeeze in a review of a Wet 'n' Wild product I've been testing for the last few months.

Wet 'n' Wild Eye Make-Up Remover meets my #1 requirement for make-up removers.  It's cheap!  I'm sorry, but taking off makeup is just something I have a tough time spending coins on.  That doesn't stop me from bitching up a storm when removers fail to ya know...remove? 

Wet 'n' Wild put out an okay remover.  I find it easily removes eye shadow and does a so-so job on eyeliner and mascara.  If I have eyeliner in the base of my lashes or lower lashline, this remover does little to remove it.  I use Clinique High Impact mascara and I feel it stays largely intact after using this product.  According to the package, I should be whisking away stubborn mascara, not scrubbing till my lashes fall out. 

One other thing was off putting.  The remover has a strong smell, almost like astringent.  In fact it smells so similar that I accidentally used my astringent to take off my eye make-up last week....I REALLY do not recommend it.  On top of the smell, it also imparts a slightly minty tingle to the eyes.  Not a sting or a burn ...did you ever swipe Noxema across your face and run through the house or sit in front of a fan?  It's like that.  It doesn't hurt, but I just don't particularly want my eyeballs to feel minty fresh.

Final Thoughts
If you want a cheap eye make-up remover and you aren't rockin the full Tammy Faye, this could work.  It does an OK job.  Kinda meh in my eyes.  

Where to buy: Drugstores that sell Wet 'n Wild
Price: $1.99

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dominate Your Lips with The Body Needs : Yes, Mistress

I've been a fan of The Body Needs for a while now, and while I've tried a ton of their shadows, I had yet to try their Lip Lustres.  I finally decided to take the plunge and check one out.

The Body Needs Lip Lustres come in slimline twist up tubes and contain about 3 grams of product.  Perfect for stashing in a pocket or in your purse.  The feel is silky and creamy.  It hugs the lips and provides 3-4 hours of comfortable wear.

The color I chose is Yes, Mistress.  Their website lists this as a rosy pink.  I think that it leans a smidge coral myself.   It is a lovely deep rich pink color. 

Final Thoughts

I would definitely pick up more of The Body Needs Lip Lustres.  They have rich amazing color payoff,  a silky feel on the lips and a great price tag..only $2.79  They currently have 11 colors to choose from. 

Where to buy: The Body Needs
Price: $2.79

Diablo III Update

I just made it to Act II and I can already tell those sand wasps are going to piss me off.  Still..it's better then Lut Gholein lightning beetles.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Blissing Out on Browns from BFTE!

I tore myself away from Diablo III long enough to bring you this post of some gorgeous browns I picked up from Beauty From the Earth.  I am really heavy on the BFTE shadow lately I know, but damn if they don't put out some of the best loose shadows.  There are very, very...VERY few companies that earn my repeat business.  I am a BFTE fan for life! 

*click images to enlarge 

Okay, after buying quite a few brights (like 15 freaking chartreuses) I thought I would work my way through some of their browns.  Here ya go!


Gable is shimmery deep purple toned brown with chunky rose and gold sparkles.   This make an AMAZING eyeliner when used wet.  The sparkles are on fire.  Gorgeous!


 Hitchcock is a shimmery burgundy based brown with burgundy/pink sparkles

Wizard's Wand

Wizard's Wand is a shimmery midtoned taupe.  This is the perfect taupe.  A little gray, a little brown, a little purple.  It hits that taupe sweet spot.  A must have!

Copper Cauldron

Copper Cauldron is a shimmery warm bronzey copper.


Brimstone is a shimmery silvered taupe, leans pink rather then purple

Final Thoughts

BFTE knows their browns.  The colors are rich and intriguing.  Their use of sparkle is delightful without feeling juvenile. I plan to try out some of their matte browns next.

Where to Buy:  Beauty From the Earth
Price:  Samples $2.00 Full Size $6.50

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Diablo III...Awww Yeah!

How many of you are sick of seeing all the Diablo III posts today........ya me either. 
Diablo III Bitches!!! Woooooooo!  Since Diablo III is the embodiment of all that is awesome in gaming (endless zombie filled dungeon crawling + tomb desecration + loots most phat + hot chicks in skimpy armor) I will be M.I.A for a few days while I get my carnage induced bliss on.

I know you understand, and in case you missed it the first time.


My husband threw himself on the flames of sacrifice and allowed me to get my copy first.  I owe him big time.

Happy Jason?

Saturday, May 12, 2012

More Lip Lust from Morgana Cryptoria.. Plumeria!

It's been an unforgivably long time since I was able to purchase anything from Morgana Cryptoria.  If you are unfamiliar, Morgana Cryptoria is a cult fave of lipstick enthusiasts.  You can find an incredible variety of high quality, high impact colors for a reasonable price.  From the truly odd to sweet and vampy, it's all there.

I particularly love the lipglosses.  I have a love/hate relationship with lipgloss in general.  I love the look but it feathers and bleeds so horribly on me, it usually keeps me far away.  Morgana Cryptoria glosses are more like a liquid lipstick.  They are super pigmented and have wonderful staying power,   3-4 + hours.They feel uniquely different.  They are neither sticky nor particularly slippery.  They almost have a grit to them, but not in a bad way.  I have a tough time calling them glosses, it really does feel like a liquid form of her lipsticks.  Well anyways, they are awesome! 

This shade is Plumeria, now to me this was a reddish brown/plum with violet reflect.  If I have any complaints, it that the pictures on the website almost never come close to the shade I receive.  The descriptions are accurate, but be cautious.  I think some of this stems from the complex nature of her lip colors.  It's almost like a duochrome, you take a photo one way you get one color, take it from another angle, you get a different color.  The photo on the website looks like a soft pinky purple.  Really different from what I received.

A feature I love about the glosses is the ability to add a scent.  And they have over 20 to choose from.  I chose bubblegum for Plumeria and I feel like I could eat it right out of the tube.  Yum!

Final Thoughts

Although the color I received was very different from what I was expecting, it was still a lovely shade.  The quality of the glosses continues to blow me away.  They appear to have switched over to tubes only now.  I applaud this as the lipgloss pots had a tendency to get super messy.

Where to Buy: Morgana Cryptoria
Price:  $6.00

Simple Beauty From the Earth Purple Look

Just thought I would post the look I did this morning using some of the gorgeous purples I have from Beauty From the Earth.  Normally I would polish this look off with some purple on the waterline, but I learned the hard way that my eyes do NOT enjoy purple shadows. So use your imagination.   Le sigh.

Inner Lid: Oasis
Outer Lid: Wasted Time
Brow/Highlight: Very Vanilla
Liner: Spider Venom

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Indie Eyeshadow Sample Size Comparison

So, today I would like to do a quick post to show you a comparison of Indie brand eyeshadow samples.  This is not all inclusive, but it does represent the brands I've reviewed on this blog. I have the worst time conceptualizing sample sizes based on measurements provided on websites.  1 gram vs 1/4 tsp doesn't work in my brain.  *waiting for my 4th grade math teacher to stop spinning in her grave* Sorry Sr. Bernice Marie.

 Ok, so here is a visual comparison.  The samples I've purchased range from  $1.99 to $2.75  From what I've seen the $2 range seems pretty standard for most shadow samples.  I've tried my best to show you full samples, at most a swatch worth missing. Remember .5 grams of glitter shadow may look fuller then .5 grams of a matte shadow.

Beauty From the Earth
BFTE samples are $2.00 for  .5 grams and come in a 3gram jar.  Enough for 10-20 applications. I think that's about right.

BFTE also includes a free sample in their orders.  This is selected randomly and I am not sure exactly how much is inside, I would say 1/3 as much as the regular sample in a small baggie.  Enough for several applications


Fyrinnae samples are $2.00 for  1/4 to 1/3 tsp in a 5 gram jar  The sample size depends on the color and collection and are clearly marked on the site.  It would take a long time of dedicated use to consume an entire sample.

Fyrinnae also includes one free sample with their orders.  This looks to be about .5 grams in a 5 gram(ish) jar, approx the same volume as a BFTE sample

The Body Needs

The Body Needs samples are $1.99 for anywhere from .5 to 1 gram packed in 5 gram jars with sifters.  My samples all seem to be closer to the 1 gram size.  Again they vary by collection and the volumes are clearly marked on their website.  This is another sample that will last you a long time unless it is a staple like a highlighter.

Morgana Cryptoria

Morgana Cryptoria samples are $2.75 for 1/4 tsp of product in a 3 gram(ish) jar.  I could easily get 20-30+ uses from these samples.

While the sample sizes vary from company to company, I feel any of these are well worth the price paid.  It is not always easy to test drive cosmetics and samples are a great way to try before you buy.  Want to rock that Tangerine eye, but not keen on plunking down $15 on a full sized shadow you may only wear twice?  Grab a sample.  I think samples help us all get in touch with our adventurous sides.  With so many colors at your disposal you are bound to shake things up.


Sr. Bernice Marie, if it makes you feel any better, I do say "may I use your bathroom" instead of "can I use your bathroom"  That one stuck!  *heavenly fist bump*

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Falling Into a Beauty Stupor with Fyrinnae.

I came to a realization today.  I need to spend a lot more time on the Fyrinnae website.  I forgot how absolutely beautiful their shadows are in person..they are truly unique.  If you have yet to try their shadows, you've maybe wondered what the big deal even is.  All loose shadows are the same right?     Hells no!   Some are just plain superior.  Fyrinnae is one of those, not just in texture but in the complexity of their colors.  You almost can't call it eyeshadow, it's more like eye art.

*click images to enlarge  

The downside to complex eye art?  It is so difficult to photograph.  Keep in mind, while I've really tried to capture the heart of these shadows, the nuances you see when they catch the light simply don't translate well in photographs.  Another note, these can be tricky to apply until you are used to them  They apply best over a sticky base like Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (as swatched above) and you want to pat and press these onto the lids.  If you brush or sweep these on, you lose most, if not all of the complexity.

Dark Fantasy is a blackened forest green.  Blackened shades need special care in application or you end up with a black base and a green halo effect.  Pat, pat, pat.

Callipygian is a blackened emerald.  Like Dark Fantasy, you need to use care.

Pteranodon is a green blue teal with delicate sparkle throughout.

Bride of Frankenstein is a dazzling ocean blue with flashes of green shimmer and delicate sparkles throughout.  This is one of those shades who's beauty is lost in translation.  It really shifts between blue and green in such a pretty way.  It's like starlight on the ocean.

Final Thoughts.

Do yourself a huge favor and look into Fyrinnae.  I know their turn around time can be intimidating (18-26+ days as of this post) however, my order shipped in about a week.  I seldom wait to the full eta, but even if I had, they are still worth it.  They have very generous sample sizing $2.00 for between 1/4 and 1/3 tsp, depending on the color. Full size is approx 3 grams of product for between $5.90-$6.35 again depending on the color.

Where to buy: Fyrinnae
Price: $2.00 samples  $5.90 to $6.35 full size

Please, if you do experience wait time with your order, be polite.  We all know it is hard to wait when you are excited about your purchase, but these indie brands are small, sometimes single person operations.  Give them your respect and courtesy.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Fyrinnae Sneak Peek.. So Much Pretty!

Hand Swatch Homage to Phyrra

This is a quick sneak peak of the Fyrinnae order that came today.  I will be posting these in groups over the next week or so, but already my top favs from this are Samhain Spirits, Knickers in a Twist, Fire Opal and Bride of Frankenstein.  However, they are all amazing.

Here are the colors above left to right

Top Row
Bifrost,  Electro-Koi,  Wake Not the Dead,   Samhain Spirits
2nd Row
Pumpkin Fire,  Fire Opal,  Knickers in a Twist,  Steampunk
3rd Row
Sake and Sashimi,  Dark Fantasy,  Callipygian,  Bride of Frankenstein
Bottom Swatch

Sunday, May 6, 2012

More Delicious Shadows from Beauty From the Earth.

Hi again!!!!!!!  I am finally back and I have so much to share with you guys. I was going to stay away a bit longer, but my mailbox was bursting with new things to try.  First things first, I am using a new camera so forgive me for any inconsistency in photos while I figure out my settings.  I'll eventually go back and retake and shabby images.

Now for the pretties.  I am starting back with more lovelies from Beauty From the Earth, specifically more of their stunning brights. I am only swatching for this post, quality is every bit as lovely as their other shadows.

Isis is a deep shimmering burgundy red with a tinge of rust.  This is an unblended pigment, which means this is not a BFTE custom blended color.  Looks amazing as an eyeliner.

High Maintenance is a pretty sparkly lilac with fine multi color sparkle. It's the perfect purple for me, not a dark eggplant and not a frosty lavender.

Nebula on the BFTE is listed as a dark brown forest green. It is a complicated shade, I find it leanes more towards a blackened navy. I think this could change over different bases.  Ignore the black edges on the swatch, that came from makeup remover during cleanup.

Kraz is a shimmery kelly green and is part of BFTE's new Pro line.  Every bit as user friendly as their other mineral shadows.

Final Thoughts

BFTE is rapidly taking over my makeup drawers and for good reason.  I've had nothing but positive experiences with the product and company.  Check them out for yourself.

Where to Buy:  Beauty From the Earth
Price:  Samples $2.00 Full Size $6.50


A reader asked what the unblended pigments were.  Here is the answer straight from Crystal at BFTE

"An unblended pigment is a color in it's original form from our suppliers, it is not a color custom made by BFTE"

Hope that helps.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cult of Taupe will be right back! Upgrade time

Hey all, another fast post, I am upgrading to a new camera and computer set up so I wont have a new post up until tomorrow.   I have tons of awesome things to show you including more BFTE Shadows, Morgana Cryptoria Lipglosses and Gel Lipsticks and The Body Needs Shadows and Lip Shimmers and lots of goodies from Fyrinnae.

Good Stuff!!

See you all soon.