Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Debut Review of Whip Hand Cosmetics: Lip Creme in Atlas

How exciting, it's not every day you get the chance to review products from a brand making it's beauty debut.  I'm speaking of course about Detroit based Whip Hand Cosmetics.  While I've recently tested a number of their products, I am going to start with the Lip Cremes!

Whip Hand Lip Cremes are 2.5 grams of product hand poured into 3oz pans and delivered in  plastic clamshell packaging.  These pans will fit in all standard or free form palettes.  There can be imperfections in the surface of the product since these are hand poured... mainly pits or bubbles. This does not appear to effect the application in any way.

Atlas is a reddened berry shade.  I used to read about women in ancient times rubbing their lips with berries to enhance the color.  That is what this reminds me of.  It has a fresh, delicate look.

Here is the description of the lip cremes from the Whip Hand site.  "Like all of our lip crèmes, "Atlas" can be applied lightly to create a  lip "stain" or heavier for deep, dense coverage that stays-put no matter what the day (or night) throws at you. Simply doesn't budge."  The texture of this creme is moist, supple and velvety.  It makes an amazing stain.  Most stains are super drying and lead to me chewing bits of dried skin off my lips...big beauty fail.  I did not have that problem with Atlas.  I do not think this product is buildable.  I worked it and worked it, both with my finger and a brush and I never got anything above medium sheer covereage.

Three applications of product
As for the third claim....ya this stuff does not budge!  I was so thrilled when 8 hours later my color looked fresh, feather proof and fantastic.  I really thought the moist texture would lead to fading and bleeding, but I was wrong.  One thing to keep in mind, this stuff alot!  I still had traces of this on my lips the next day, the arm swatch was visible for two've been warned. 

Final Thoughts

I'm a bit conflicted.  I like the product and I like how it performs.  Evaluating the lip creme based on the claims on the site, then it is a bit of a let down, in so much as I was not able to build up coverage.  This would have been a big plus for me as the color is so pretty and wearable.  Second issue, I really do not like the pan format.  I think this is probably geared towards the makeup artist and would likely be a plus for them.  When it comes to lipstick, I am more of a chuck it in the purse and go.  I am not sure the price point is where it should be on these.  The Cremes are $9.00.  If they provided variable levels of coverage and/or came in more practical packaging, I would have no problem paying $9.

In my opinion, I would market this as a phenomenal lip stain and offer it in pencil form or something of the like.

I am definitely intrigued.  I want to see how the brand develops over the next few months.  I see a lot of potential.

Where to Buy: Whip Hand Cosmetics
Price: $9.00 for 2.5 grams

Update on volume..I just noticed the label on the front says 2.5oz or .88g  and the label on the back says 2.5g or .88 oz.  I will find out which is which and let you know.

And it is verified, 2.5g or .88 oz ..what can I say, units of measurement are not my strong point. lol


  1. Well that was fast! ;) Hmm interesting review; I'm starting to think more about stains these days so I'd be interested in trying something like this. I'd wait for more reviews and swatches of all the color options, though. Thanks for the post! :)

  2. You were the tie breaker. I had three products to review, saw your comment and went lip creme. I also am anxious to see more info/swatches come out. Kinda weird knowing so little about a a good way.

  3. Ah, this is gorgeous! It reminds me of this Urban Decay lip gloss in a pot I used to have, gorgeous color... Except this sounds better, since it lasts longer!

  4. for sure the size is the 2.5G/0.88oz 2.50z would be the size of my face cream, thats a lot of lip stain

  5. You are correct, verified. I am embarrassed that my lack of skills with weights and measures did not allow me to figure this out myself.


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