Monday, July 2, 2012

Beauty Brand Discovery: Ioni Cosmetics

Today I came across a new cosmetic brand while tra la la ing through a local store. So I thought I would try something fun.  As of this moment I have zero information about this brand.  Never heard of it, never saw a review or swatch...nada  I am an Ioni no0b, a virgin if you will.  I liked the display and the colors looked pretty.  Let's see if my impulse buy pans out.

Today I will introduce the products I purchased. The prices are in the Wet 'n' Wild / Essence range.  Every few days I will post my thoughts on the product and the brand as a whole. Fun!

Here is my beauty booty.

Ioni Eyeshadow in Rodeo

Ioni Heartbreaker Nail Polish in Faze (my gut tells me I <3 this)

Ioni Lipstick in Drama

Ioni Lipgloss in Fanciful


  1. This all looks exciting, I haven't seen this brand before! Can't wait to hear how it performs.

  2. Actually a beauty guru named SheSoTang17 introduced, reviewed and hauled this new brand on YouTube plus she currently has a giveaway for a lot of it. She also provided tons of information about the brand.

  3. I checked out the video thanks for the tip!


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