Saturday, July 7, 2012

BFTE Creates a LE Pro Collection to Help Those in the Colorado Wildfires

Hey all, I wanted to give you this quick post to let you know about a Limited Edition Pro Collection created by BFTE to help out those affected by the devastating Colorado wild fires.  You've heard me say BFTE is a company that cares about their community.  Not only do they give back, but they give their fans a chance to help out too.

Natural Light


From the BFTE site:
"A wind-fueled wildfire of epic proportions breached fire lines Tuesday and entered Colorado Springs, Colorado, bringing to at least 32,000 the number of people evacuated in the area and at the U.S. Air Force Academy, authorities said. "The fire conditions could not be worse," said Anne Rys-Sikora, spokeswoman for a multi-agency fire response team. "It is like a convection oven out there."- 75% of the sale of this color will be donated to help victims of the fire and those displaced from their homes."

Direct Sun to capture the sparkle
This is a limited collection.  As of 7-7-12 there were about 30 of each color left.  Each shadow is $4.99 and 75% of that will be donated to those affected by the Colorado Wild Fires.  Here is a great chance to help out those in need and score two gorgeous shadows in the process.

Colorado's Front Range is a medium deep tan with chunky green sparkles throughout.  Reminds me a bit of BFTE Secret Garden

Hazy Skies is a rosey mauve with raspberry sparkles throughout.

Hurry while they still have stock on these beautiful colors and help out those who lost so much.

Where to buy: Beauty From The Earth
Price: $4.99 for a full sized jar  (limited quantities left)


  1. That's so nice of them to help out a local cause! I'm impressed by how quick their response is too!

  2. They are all around good people who really do care. Their service is absolutely the best.

  3. Oh wow, this is great of them! My aunt and uncle live right near the Air Force Academy, and were out here in CA visiting me when things got bad back home for them... They almost had to leave here early to pack up all of their animals and evacuate, but luckily the evacuation stopped a few miles short of their property... Scary scary situation, but it is great to see a beauty company that cares!


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