Thursday, July 19, 2012

Do Ioni Cosmetics Eyeshadows Break New Ground?

A few weeks ago I came upon a display of Ioni Cosmetics.  This was a totally new brand for me.  I had not seen any reviews, I knew nothing whatsoever.  I decided to do a blind test of the brand.  This post will introduce Ioni Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Rodeo.

Ioni Cosmetics is a new brand from Jon Davler Inc. makers of L.A. Splash.  There is not an abundance of information available on this brand.  Their website states they are Made in the USA and they do not test on animals.

When I first saw the Ioni display, I thought, hmmm looks kinda like Nyx.  The cushion design of the shadow bears a strong resemblence to Nyx.  I was a pretty big fan of Nyx, back before the 12th anniversay sale..some of you know what I am talking about.  So I was hopeful Ioni could also mimick the quality.

Rodeo is a shimmering warm cocoa brown.  It is soft, but not overly so.  The image above is one pass of product over Too Faced Shadow Insurance.  You can pick up and lay down the product easily.  I had no noticeable fading or creasing when used over a primer.

Final thoughts

Ioni is not re-inventing the wheel here.  It's a nice brown shadow.  Hardly a unique color, but a good staple to invest in, if you are in the need.  I feel I'm a bit jaded lately when it comes to neutrals.  I have so damn many, it's hard to get me excited.  Ioni Cosmetics are priced in the Wet 'n Wild/Essence range, so they are very affordable.  One drawback...good luck finding any.  I can't find any reliable information on who carries Ioni.  I found my display in a Hi-School Pharmacy in the middle of nowhere..literally.  I've tried the usual places, ULTA, Cherry Culture, no one has it yet.  Keep your eye on Cherry Culture since they carry other Jon Davler brands.

I'm such a tease, I know.

Where to buy:  Check local stores, if you find a display, let us know!
Price: approx $3.00


  1. This is a really beautiful brown! I haven't seen this brand anywhere near me... But it looks like they make some good, solid products at a great price point!

  2. So far I've liked them. I am going back to buy all the lipsticks. What is with me reviewing stuff no one else can find. Sheesh. I really need to set up that webstore.

  3. Found a small display with blush eyeliners, shadows ad mascara at HEB in san antonio!

  4. Fred's dollar type stores carry ioni make up products. Just picked up some cool silver glitter liquid eye liner today for $1.50!


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