Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Exploring Aromaleigh v2 With The Moulin Rouge LE Collection

A few weeks ago I had the good fortune to win a contest hosted by LiAnn over at Sparklecrack Central (who you should be following if you don't already!) My prize was part of the new Aromaleigh  Moulin Rogue collection.  I had yet to try any of their products since they relaunched as v2 in October 2011, so I was extra thrilled to win...seriously, I may have teared up.   

I love the Moulin Rogue theme too.  It conjures up images of turn of the century France, imbibing Absinthe (not as romantic when you taste it, trust me on this one) and watching the painted ladies dance the night away. I am sucker for history so I was all over this collection.

I have much to swatch so I am breaking the post up into two parts. 

The Brights!


 Quadrille is a springy sage green with sparkles gold and blue sparkles

Can Can

Can Can is a warm peachy coral with rose sparkles


Soiree is an intense bubblegum/candy pink with cobalt blue sparkles


Fee is an icy frosted blue with blue and violet sparkles


 Femme is a watermelon pink with green and gold sparkles



 Knickers is a light frosted peach with golden sparkles.


Plume is a steely blue with blue sparkles


Risque is light frosted lavender  with green and rose sparkles


Paillettes is a warm goldenrod color with gold sparkles


Madame is a smokey orchid/mauve with pink, green and copper sparkles

Final Thoughts

If you were a fan of Aromaleigh before, I think you will be a fan still.  Their shadows are well pigmented, the lighter frosted shades (Fee, Risque) were a touch patchy, but not overly so.  Their brights are really, really bright.  The pinks had a tendency to stain, but again, not terribly. it just took a little extra to take off.

One way Aromaleigh stands out is their creative use of sparkle.  Their mixture of shadow and sparkle is unconventional, even a touch unsettling, but in a good way.  Soiree is the perfect example.  It is a vibrant in your face pink and the blue sparkles at first don't seem to fit.  They felt out of place, however the more you work with it, you find the blue sparkles highlight the pink giving it a slight purple cast.  It's really quite unique.  My must have choices from the collection are Madame, Femme and Quadrille

Where to buy: Aromlaeigh
Price: Samples $1.00  Full Sized $7.00


  1. wow these colors are gorgeous!!

  2. Aromaleigh's old color Planetearth was the opposite of Soiree: bright vivid blue, with pink sparkles. I absolutely love Planetearth, so it stands to reason that Soiree is one of my favorites from this collection!

  3. Niki, they really are.

    LiAnn it took me a while to figure out how I felt about Soiree. At first I didn't like it, it just felt off. But I've really come to love the contrasting glitter effect.

  4. Beautiful swatches, thank you!

    I am a true blue Aromaleigh fan. I own almost every color of almost every collection from v1. And I have bought every eye collection that v2 has released so far, except for the new collection (Alchemie) that is basically a reincarnation of Elemental Lustres from v1. <---- And I appreciated that the website clearly stated that Alchemie was exactly the same as the old one, just with different names. The v2 peeps saved me from buying items I already own, and that was an ethical move on their part IMO. *whispering* Even though the collector in me kinda, sorta wanted to buy Alchemie anyway. Yes, I am in danger of winding up on one of those hoarder shows. I realize that I need help. Ha!

    I really like your comment about Aromaleigh's color usage. I know that I don't possess an innate sense of risk-taking and know-how with color, but when I buy from Aromaleigh, I feel I can fake it a bit. This company has products that simply cannot be found anywhere else.

    Congratulations on your win. Enjoy! :)

  5. I was looking for swatches on v2 and came across your blog. I used to be a big fan of Aromaleigh but since they closed I have not bought anything. I was considering trying them again since they have their 30% sale but wasn't sure if they'd be as good anymore since it was very hard to come up with reviews on their current products now.


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