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First Look at Whip Hand Cosmetics Pure Pigment in Black Light

I'm back with another Whip Hand Cosmetics review, this time with their Pure Pigment Loose Eyeshadow in Black Light. If you are unfamiliar with Whip Hand Cosmetics, it is a new beauty brand based out of Detroit.

From Whip Hand Cosmetics:
"Whip Hand Cosmetics celebrates the depth and diversity of today’s modern, independent woman with luxury, professional makeup artist-quality cosmetics and face and body products made in the USA, by women for women "

Since this is a new brand, and therefore new territory, I conducted thorough wear and application tests.  This review will be in depth and image heavy. 

Basic Information

Whip Hand Loose pigments are $14.00 for 3 grams by weight of product.


The pigments come packaged in a glass apothecary style vial with a screw on lid.  The vial is clear so you can see the color of the product inside.  I had a really hard time with the vial style packaging.  First, I am not coordinated and my bathroom counter makes my toddlers bedroom look like Shang-gri-la .  I was very, very afraid of knocking the vial over and dumping the contents all over the floor. 

The other problem was I really had no idea how to actually get at the product. I am used to a dip n go container.  So, that was the angle I tried first.  I only had one brush small enough to put into the vial and that was a MAC pencil brush.  Unfortunately, I couldn't see where there product began and I shoved 1/2 of the brush into the vial. Very messy.  I then tried to pour some of the product into the lid, again messy and not very practical.

At this point I put the pigment aside and emailed Riese at Whip Hand.  I knew her product was designed with the make-up pro in in mind so I felt I was missing something.

Here is her reply.

"The pigments were put in vials for a few reasons and I'm really glad you asked why! Ok, first, alot of pro's and clients hate traveling with the pots. No matter how hard you tighten the lid, there's always an explosion of product. I personally stopped carrying pigments in my kit because of the mess. The vials prevent the mess and have a foam sealed cap to ensure that if the cap isn't really tight, the product still doesn't explode when bumped around.

The best way to use them is to turn the vial upside down and then right side up before opening,then use the product off the cap. Pro's would dump some out on a pallet for sanitary reasons and then toss the rest.

I wanted something that would be clear, so the color was easily visible in my kit. The vials are really sturdy too. I've dropped mine on wood and tile (unintended) but they didn't break!

Another thing, the pigment vials take up less room in the kit/makeup bag. I've asked a lot of artists to test the vials to see if they loved them for the same reasons I do<3 so far, yes

Lastly, all 5g pots that I found were not manufactured in the USA. The vials are."
I appreciated Riese talking me through the vial design and it helped me understand why the design choice was made.  I think the choice will benefit the pro user but may present a challenge to the casual/everyday user.

So I went on a journey into the darkest crannies of my make-up drawers and came up with this.

Say hallo to mah liddle frand!  I took a standard 5 gram jar and decanted my vial pigment into a format I was more comfortable with.  And I discovered that 3 grams (by weight) is a ALOT of shadow.  Let me illustrate.

Here is the 5 gram jar filled to the rim.  I kept tapping it down and filling, tapping it down and filling.  After all of that, I still had quite a bit of product left in my vial.  Take a look.

As you can see there is still approx 1/4 of a vial of product left.  You are getting your monies worth.

Color and Wear
The shadows are highly pigmented with a buttery texture.  They are easy to apply and blend out really well.  Whip Hand pigments are some the nicest I've used.  These pigments perform best over a base.  I swatched Black Light (shimmering grape/aubergine over a blackened base) over a variety of bases so you can see how they hold up.

Black Light over Too Faced Shadow Insurance 

Black Light over NYX Jumbo Eyepencil in Milk

Black Light over Whip Hand Cosmetic Creme Shadow in Corset

Black Light applied over a swatch of Whip Hand Creme Shadow in Corset.  Applied gently at top of swatch then blended down over the base.  You can see you are able to blend without leaving only the black base behind

Black Light dry over bare skin.  Not recommended.  When applied over bare skin the purple shimmer easily buffs away leaving only the black base behind.

Black Light used wet (Visine) as a liner

Here is Black Light used in a look. 

Black Light over Whip Hand Cream Shadow in Corset and used wet as liner

Final Thoughts
Phew, that was alot of ground to cover.  So, how do I feel overall?  These are amazing pigments!  I had so much fun playing with Black Light.  I could build up the color or blend it out with minimal effort.  They feel creamy and slide effortlessly across the lid.  Used over a proper base they are very crease resistant and almost totally fade resistant.  They currently offer nearly 40 colors of loose pigments, including a ton of gorgeous high impact colors.  The biggest drawback for me is the vial packaging.  It just doesn't work for me, but it is easily remedied by decanting into a more user friendly container.  I am already planning my next order.

Where to Buy: Whip Hand Cosmetics
Price: $14.00 for 3grams (by weight)


  1. This is a gorgeous color, and I love the look you did with it! It pairs really nicely with Corset. As for the vials, I can totally understand the reasoning, but I think I am with you; for day-to-day use, the little jars, if imperfect, are probably easier to deal with for the casual user who just wants to poke a brush at the product!

  2. It's so nice that Riese emailed you back, and with such a thorough answer! Sometimes I think it's nice to understand WHY something is packaged differently, even if we aren't the target audience.

  3. She's been great answering my questions and accepting feedback. While I don't personally care for the vial, I can see the value it provides a large part of her audience. It is obvious talking with her that no choice is made arbitrarily or without purpose. It's neat to see some of the behind the scenes stuff that goes into developing your own cosmetic line.

  4. Late to reading your posts but I bought some Whip Hand today and wanted to read up on it. All your posts are great about this brand. I'm so excited to be able to start using them and to review them. I'll be linking back to you when I do since I think you're so well informed about them.

    1. I can't wait to see what you think about them. The more I try, the more I love. What did you get??!!


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