Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Operation: Flush Out the Beaver (The Cuticle Diaries)

Alright, I've tried denying it, hiding it, ignoring it...nothing works.  So it is time to confront the problem head on.  *deep breath* This is hard, but I have a beaver problem.
Image from The Hot Pepper

I am not sure how it started, but it is now clear.  At night, while I sleep, beavers come into my home and knaw on my cuticles.  The evidence is unmistakeable.  See for yourself...

And then there is this!

Clearly beaver attacks!  Come on....what?!  That could totally happen.

Ugh, ok, I confess, I have terrible cuticles.  Seriously damaged goods.  So, I thought this would be a perfect time to rehabilitate these ragged, angry flesh scraps.

So, what brought me to this low state?  Mainly my job.  I work all day around optical polish, which is incredibly rough and drying.  I avoid it as much as I can, but it is kinda like working with cardboard..it just robs your hands of all moisture and awesomeness.

To add insult to injury, I moisturize ALL THE DAMN TIME.  I rub my cuticles with oils, butters, lotions.  I sugar scrub them.  Nothing works.   So I am stepping up my game.

On Sunday July 22nd, I started a month long intensive rehab on my cuticles.  During this time I will not use polish or any other chemicals.  I will employ a few products during this month.  Mainly Vitamin E oil, Pure Lanolin, Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Balm, and Shea Lotion.

I can not do much to avoid my daily work exposure, but I will be in mega hydration mode each night.  Each week, I will post my progress and hopefully in 30 days, my cuticles will garner envy...not embarrassment.

Game on beavers.....game on!


  1. I'm anxious to see how this goes! I have really dry cuticles as well, and I haven't found any cuticle oil or balm that helps me any more than a really heavy hand cream or plain ol' jojoba oil, so if your routine works, I may have to steal it!

  2. I have my cotton gloves at the ready, I am going to have so much moisture on these bastards I am going to be a prune....but a prune with gorgeous cuticles!

  3. Oooh--I am following this with keen interest! I think my cuticles get ravaged by alligators at night. They are raggedy and dry and gross, so I need all the ideas I can get.


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