Friday, July 6, 2012

Red Hot and Amazing: Ioni Cosmetics Lipstick in Drama

I was excited but skeptical when I stumbled upon on display for the cosmetic brand Ioni.  I'm not what you call a big risk taker when it comes to purchases.  I am more of the "research it so much that it no longer holds any joy for you" kind of girl.  So this is me being a little daring.

So, Ioni.  This new brand is a division of Jon Davler, Inc. which may sound familiar if you use LA Splash cosmetics. From their website "Our Purpose is to offer high quality beauty products at an affordable price"  Their cosmetics are made in the USA and are cruelty free.  So that's the jumping off point.

First review from my Beauty Brand Discovery: Ioni Cosmetics series is the lipstick in Drama.  Drama is a vibrant orange based red.  The lipstick formula is frankly one of the nicest I've worn.  It is creamy, moist, richly pigmented and applies like a dream.  It feels soooo good on the lips..crazy good..."is anyone watching me" good.

This particular lipstick has a high gloss finish.  I do not know if that carries across this line or if it is specific to certain shades.  I love a lacquered red lip and Drama is a wonderful way to achieve a glossy red lip without using 3-4 products.

One gloss just a quick pass over the lips.  I can't think of many red lipsticks I can apply straight out of a tube.  I almost always need a brush to clean it up.  Drama did great on its own. And while a lip brush will give you that crisp line, it is by no means necessary.

How does it wear....ya.  Okay, I'm going to lay some truth on ya.  I settled into my wear test and my husband popped up with delicious grilled corn on the cob.  I am sorry, I love you all and respect the process, but corn on the cob wins out every time....every time.  So, I can't give you the hour by hour details.  I can tell you it does not stand up well to husked and silked veggies.  Given the moist, creamy wear, I would expect 2-3 hours.  Being a red though it is bound to need some touching up around hour 2 regardless of forumla.  I will amend the review when I have better data.

To repent for my lack of a wear test, here is a comparison to two other red lipsticks.  In the store I thought this was a good dupe for NYX Snow White, but you can see Snow White is darker and browner.  It is closer to MAC Lady Bug, but Lady Bug is sheerer and is more of a watermelon red.

Final Thoughts

I will definitely go back and try the other lipstick offerings from Ioni.  If the other shades perform as well as Drama, then I will consider myself an ardent fan.  I feel like a bit of a jerk for reviewing these brands that can be troublesome to locate.  I did reach out to Ioni to see just what their distribution plan is.  I have a feeling they are quite new so it will be tough to find for a while at least.  I found mine at a small town Hi-School pharmacy.

Where to buy: Check your local stores.  I've not found any online retailers yet.  Will keep you posted.
Price: $1.99 for 3.7g


  1. This is a gorgeous red, so bright! Honestly, I have to say I'm more interested in Snow White, though, that looks like my kind of red! But Ioni's has such a creamy-looking, shiny formula... Maybe I should just seek out both :)

  2. Snow White is my "ideal" red. I like that warm brown/brick red. I have a tough time with reds because I am so pale I am afraid I just look like a big red mouth when I walk into a room.

    I super love the feel of's so comfy I am going back to the store in the AM for more. May have to add this to the giveaway too.


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