Friday, July 13, 2012

Showering Some Local Love on Shiro Cosmetics!

I am lucky enough to live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, which just happens to be home to some absolutely amazing Indie Cosmetic brands.  So I am going to start turning my eye towards some local brands and show you what they are up to.  Today, it's Shiro Cosmetics.

Shiro (Japanese for castle) is a small indie brand that creates 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free products.  This is my first experience with Shiro shadows and I am impressed.  They are pigmented, easy to apply and blend out with minimal effort.  Their shadows are broken into collections like "Notebook" and "Science"  Each collection has great variety.  There is something for every taste at Shiro.  I, have a weakness for oranges so that is where I began.


Moltres is a shimmering russet orange color with  chunky gold glitter.  You can find this currently in the sale tab. 

Mushroom is a warm shimmering copper with a pink cast. Part of the Badger-Mushroom-Snake set

Final Thoughts

I will absolutely try more Shiro Shadows.  They are easy to use, impart gorgeous vivid color and have a reasonable price tag.  Shiro shadows come in three sizes  1/4 tsp in baggie, 1 gram mini and 2gram full sized.  And they are YAY!!

Where to buy: Shiro Cosmetics
Price: Sample (1/4 tsp in baggie for $1.00), Mini (1 gram for $3.50) , Full Sized (2 gram for $5.00)


  1. Gorgeous colors! I love russet-y oranges like this... I have a butt-load of fabric (15 yards...?) in this color family that is destined to become some sort of 16th century gown... The formula of these looks amazing, too; almost creamy!

  2. The colours are so pigmented, and thats so good that they come in different sizes! I'll definitely be checking them out :)


  3. I love when bloggers talk about brands that the rest of us might not have been able to discover otherwise!! thanks!!

  4. Love, love, LOVE Shiro! I have about 40 samples from them, lol. I grabbed a jar of Moltres as well before it sold out. I haven't purchased Mushroom yet but I got Snake and it's super gorgeous! Must get Mushroom now. ^_^


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