Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Cuticle Diaries: Week 1 Progress

Week one is over! I attacked these cuticles....lord the moisture I slathered upon these raggedy sad hands. So, is it working? Have I seen a noticeable improvement? Let's take a look.

First here is a reminder where I started.

You poor unfortunate souls, so dry, so sad.

But, I did see some decent improvement this week.  Here...I'll show ya.

I am really pleased.  My left hand looks significantly better, at times during the week it was nearly totally repaired.  I still struggle with my right hand.  Being my dominant hand, it is subject to more wear and tear and is proving to be stubborn.

Here is a breakdown of my routine from the last week.  I think I will continue to follow this for the upcoming week.

These are products I use nightly on my hands and cuticles.

Pure Vitamin E oil
Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream
Shea Butter Hand Lotion With Sugar Cane and Bee Pollen (possible allergenic)
Lansinoh Lanolin (Used by Breast Feeding Mothers, also makes a wicked cool lip balm)

I tried a few sequences for application, here is what works best.

After shower moisturize you hands and cuticles with hand lotion.  Next, apply the Burt's Bees Cuticle Cream. After the cuticle cream, apply a thinnish layer of Lanolin to your cuticles.  Finish by dabbing the cuticles with Vitamin E Oil.  Put on a pair of white cotton gloves and get thee to bed.

The cotton gloves are a huge part of this method.  Basically use whatever emollient, creamy, lotiony goodness you have. And use ALOT of it.  Once you put on those gloves, you won't gunk up your bedding, hair and spouse.  Now, if I could just stop taking these off in my sleep I'd be all set.

See you next Sunday!!


  1. Good progress! I am excited to see what your nails look like at the end of a couple of month, when they've had a chance to grow back in... I have heard that taking care of your cuticles will reward you with beautiful strong nails, but of course, I wouldn't know...

  2. Love the progress! {Also love the Ursula reference haha!}


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