Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Sparkly Demise of Fyrinnae Callipygian

It happened, the day I was long dreading.  I experienced my first eye shadow fatality.  I had hoped I could escape the beauty reapers cold grasp, but alas, twas not mean to be. 

Join me in a solemn tribute to the best blackened emerald a girl ever had.

RIP Callipygian

Happier days, I recall how you used to sparkle in the sunlight.  You had a flair for drama...even back then.

Remember this day?  We frolicked in the colors of the sea...it was the best of times. 

But I have to face it, this whiff of shimmer is all I have left.

Share you stories, what was the first loose shadow you ever lost to a loose lid or a clumsy hand?


  1. My first fatality was BFTE's Beautiful . Ever since then I am a sifter nazi.

  2. I repot everything, so have had a few heavy losses...but nothing total that I can recall. Just recently I lost most of a jar of Aeris, from Victorian Disco. Slip - flip - dump. The whole 5-gram jar emptied right onto my socks. And my bathroom vanity door. And a little tiny bit on the floor itself. I placed another order with the supplier, but she already had a huge backlog; and eventually closed up shop and started issuing refunds. (I ended up just getting a refund.)

    At least Callyptigian is still available for purchase. Fyrinnae's mini jars don't cost a lot, and you get a good amount of the shadow.

    I think you get a merit badge if you have a beauty-blogging product loss and manage to make a bank shot off of any three surfaces - but at least two of them have to be at right angles from each other. (So my socks/door/floor doesn't count, because that's all just gravity. Now counter-edge/wall/door/floor would have been impressive and worthy of a medal. Or an Irish coffee in commiseration, whichever.)

  3. LMAO Beauty Bankshot. I haven't earned it yet, mine was more of an "Oh Sh*t" and a fumble. Luckily I have an order ready to go with Fyrinnae so I will quickly replace it.

    I have lost a few LE lipsticks to the roving hands of a curious toddler. Those REALLY hurt.

  4. GirlDisappearing ouch that's a gorgeous shadow too. I need to start investing in sifters. Almost my entire loose collection is sifterless. If you saw my counter, you'd wonder how I've not lost more.

  5. Aw my blunder was with a clam shell sample of foundation. Had loose lids result in minor loss of glitter or shadow but no big loss yet. I am highly accident prone though so just a matter of time.

  6. Aww, what a shame! Looks like a beautiful color. I haven't lost a loose shadow in many many years... I think my last casualty of that type was from a set my mom got me when I was in Jr High, actually! Dumped it all over the bathroom floor as a young teen. My more recent f*ck ups have been Urban Decay pressed shadows... Those containers do NOT absorb shock well, FYI. Snow and Baked are both shades that I have to open over the sink and very carefully nudge with my brush to keep the crushed shadow from flying all over the place. I forgot to notify a friend who was going through my makeup collection, so the laminate flooring in my guest room is shimmery now. It's actually not a bad look!

  7. I've had a few pressed drop breaks too. However I had a great one the other day. I used a shadow in a pan and set it on the counter. Open the jar next day, tipped it slightly. The entire contents of the pan just relieved themselves on my floor. They just ceased to be in the pan all of a sudden. And of course they exploded into powdery oblivion. I couldn't even be made it was just so damn funny.

  8. I have been a loose make up addict since late '08, and I had not dropped a single thing... until last week, when I dropped two different items on two different days.

    Wah! WTF!?

    Luckily, they were both face items that are not discontinued. If I ever drop a discontinued eyeshadow (I have many such lovelies) I would never forgive myself. I hope such a disaster never happens.

  9. My first fatality was a full-sized jar of BFTE Mississippi Mud. I dropped the ENTIRE JAR on my light tan carpet. Huge fail.

  10. Shiro Cosmetics Triforce. I didn't close it properly, and then threw it into my purse to run to the airport. Got to the airport, opened my purse to retrieve my passport, and found it and everything else covered in gorgeous, glittery, rich gold.

    Real talk, I wept right then and there.
    Jesus wept too.


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