Thursday, August 30, 2012

Check Out Some BFTE Greys and a Blogger Fail.

Hey all, this week has been brutal!  My wrist is a total mess and between work and therapy typing is agony.  Forgive the mini post, and lack of posting in general.  This has been so much harder to bounce back from then expected.  Here are some more terrific shadows from BFTE.

I used to be a grey/silver fiend.  Golds and browns never found their way into my stash.  Then the pendulum swung way into gold/brown territory and my greys worked their way further and further into the depths of my makeup drawer.  Thank goodness for BFTE.  Their samples make it easy and fun to try out new shades or rediscover old favorites.  And these are amazing!


Sensuous is a shimmering light silver grey with a golden cast


Wicked is a lavender tinged grey with green sparkle

Trinity (DISC...Sorry)

Trinity..ugh sadly this appears to be completely gone now.  It was limited and I hoped to share this with you, but alas.  It is no more /salute Trinity.


Shadows is a matte taupey/purple/grey.  Great for a day friendly smokey eye.

Final Thoughts

I am crazy again for greys! I am glad BFTE has so many to choose from

Where to buy: Beauty From the Earth
Price:  Samples $2.00 Full Size $6.50

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lose Yourself in Meow Cosmetics' Caribbean Escape

Even with my damaged wrist, I was too excited about my Meow Cosmetics order..I had to post some of it.  I can, and will, gush on and on about their foundations in another post. But for now I will show you a few shadows from the Caribbean Escape Collection. I purchased one of the colors (Blood Orange) and the other two (Beach and Surf) were generously included in a prize I won from Sparklecrack Central.

This is my first time using Meow Cosmetics shadows.  I've been wearing them in looks this week and I love the formula.  They are pigmented, smooth and blend-able.   I love playing with them!  Let's look at a few.


Beach is a silvered frosty taupe, just a whipser of rose beneath it

Blood Orange

Blood Orange is a vibrant persimmon orange with a golden cast to it.  Too pretty for words. I am using this everyday!


Surf is a bright ultramarine blue.  This is a nearly matte satin.  Not quite as opaque as Beach and Blood Orange

Final Thoughts

I already have my second order in the cart ready to go. They have amazing quality and a huge selection of colors.  I missed quite a few collections the first time I placed my order.  The website layout can be confusing and you need to mine it to find everything you want.

Here is a breakdown so you won't miss any collections

Main Eyeshadow Page

Seasonal and Limited Edition

Modern Eyes Twinkling Shadows

Idealeyes Purrrlized Shadows

Scandal Eyes Glimmer Shadows (how many scandals can you name)

Vandal Eyes Intense Shadows

Those links should help you find most of the current shadow collections.

Right now, at least through the 27th, you can save 25% + free shipping on order $35 and over.   Take advantage.  Trust me!  Coupon Code: WildRide

Where to buy: Meow Cosmetics
Price: Samples $1.00 for 1/16th tsp in baggie  Full Sized $8.00(approx) for 1.6 grams in 5 gram jar

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I Got Myself One of Them Fancy Darth Vadar Arms!

I figured I should give you all an update and explain what I've been doing this week.  Well, in short I've been wrecking my wrist...which sucks for blogging, bathing, eating, driving, sleeping, working...pretty much all aspects of my life are currently affected by some level of suckage.  The upside....I get a totally badass Darth Vadar gaunlet!

It's ok to be jealous, some of us just injure ourselves in incredibly awesome ways.

What does this mean for Cult of Taupe?  I will be updating, only less frequently.  I am not supposed to type much for the next month.  However, I will put up some small posts as I am able. 


Monday, August 20, 2012

Shiro Cosmetics: Everything is Bears *Birth of a Cult Classic*

I recently tried Shiro Cosmetics for the first time and one of the colors I tried absolutely blew me away.  I think this color deserves much praise and a cult following.  So doing my part to get the cult ball rolling, I give you Everything is Bears!!

Take that in folks. I'll give you a min.  *whistles a jaunty waiting tune*  All done?  Cool


Everything is Bears is a rich chocolate brown with chunks of gold glitter and raspberry red sparks

Photos can't do this shadow justice, but here it is "In a Galaxy Far, Far Away" style to help better showcase the glitter.  Everything is Bears really comes to life when applied over a sticky base like Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy.  A sticky base preserves the richness of the brown while accentuating the fire of the sparkles.

This shadow is brilliant, energetic and alive Quite simply put, you need to own this!

Where to buy: Shiro Cosmetics
Price: Sample (1/4 tsp in baggie for $1.00), Mini (1 gram for $3.50) , Full Sized (2 gram for $5.00)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hard Candy Visibly Wet Lip Pencil....of DOOM!

While killing time on my recent vacation, I wandered into (deliberately sought)  a Walmart, and was dragged by some unseen force (my feet) into the cosmetics aisle.  Standard fare, nothing truly exciting, but I did see a display of Hard Candy.  This is a brand I've been aware of forever, but this was the first time I've run into a display.  They had a sizable selection of really cool looking products (including a near dupe of Benefit Box blushes, which I stupidly did not buy....$6.  /beautyfail )  I only grabbed a few items and the Visibly Wet Shockingly Glossy Lip Pencil was one.

I LOVE GLOSS PENCILS!  Alot.  My adoration started with Stila Lip Glaze Pencils and continues on as the chubby pencil craze spreads.  On the surface, this particular pencil is nearly identical to Milani Lip Flash Pencils, right down to the knockout color and intense chunky glitter.

Visibly Wet Pencil is your standard blade sharpened lip gloss pencil.  It is the same size as both the Stila and Milani pencils.  They have a small assortment of bright colors to choose from, so I went as bright as I could and chose Jezebel.

Jezebel is a bold, iridescent, shocking... the works.  The color is gorgeous, but the formula is just too soft and goopy.  I do not feel I applied it,  so much as I smeared it across my lips.  It stayed thick and viscous feeling on my lips.

After one use

It was so soft that I used up over a 1/3 of the product in one application, and probably could have used 1/2 if I went for a flawless look.  Based on that you would need to sharpen this pencil after almost every use.  The formula is so soft, I don't see how this could stand up to a sharpening.  Even if you froze it, I think you would end up with a sticky mess.

I can't give you a wear time on this because this caused a painful reaction on my lips.  It was identical to the reaction I had with the Milani Haute Flash Gloss I reviewed.  My lips started to numb, and then felt like they were bubbling and burning.  The sensation lasted several mins after I took it off.  That does not affect my review, but if you are sensitive to some glitter glosses, be warned this may not work well for you.

Final Thoughts

Love the concept, love the color, dislike the formula immensely.  It is too soft to be practical and you would lose a majority of product in sharpening, plus it made my mouth feel like a witches cauldron.  I am not writing off Hard Candy, but this is a product I do not care to revisit.

Where to buy: Walmart
Price: $6.00

I can't wait to see the search hits I get with this review..Hard, chubby, Jezebel....Bring it!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back from the Desert with Some Colorful BFTE Shadows.

I just returned from three days in the desert with my kids.  I am beyond wiped out.  I drove four hours today and all I heard during those four hours was
 Kid 1: I want to go home and see Daddy.
 Kid 2: I don't wanna go home....I wanna go to resternaut (<----actual word)
Four....hours.  Over a mountain...oh ya..they were paving the mountain also.  So I spent about 45 mins trapped in the woods on a mountain waiting to be eaten by Sasquatch.   My day > your day!

I am crusin through a swatch backlog.  I have a ton of new stuff to review and my review bins are about to explode.  So for the next few days, I will pump out quite a few swatch posts until I am caught up.

So here is a BFTE "Blue/Green" post!

I'm building my blue shadow collection little by little.  Along with pink, blue is a color I love in the jar but not necessarily on me.  I am working through those hangups to open my beauty prospects.  I love BFTE for this sort of thing.  You can pick up a handful of samples in a huge variety of shades and try out new looks without spending a fortune on a color you may dislike. Here are some of the blues...and greens I've been playing with.

Wasted Time

Wasted Time is a shimmering medium deep blue on an indigo base.


Miracle is a shimmering deep denim blue with silver sparkle

Deep Thoughts

Deep Thoughts is a shimmering light olive.  I found this shadow applied very patchy.  I could not get an even application over any base


Journey is a shimmering light grey/green.  Like Deep Thoughts, this applied very patchy for me.


Jazzy is a shimmering light appletini green

Final Thoughts

This group contained only the second and third BFTE shadow I did not care for, Journey and Deep Thoughts. They were just too patchy for me.  It is a shame because the colors they should have been were nice and versatile.  The others were excellent, with Miracle being the standout shade...even for a blue shy girl like myself.

Where to buy: Beauty From the Earth
Price:  Samples $2.00 Full Size $6.50

Beauty Blogazons Weekly Roundup: 8/10

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gone for a few days!!

ACK! Thought I had time for a few more posts....nope. In scramble mode now.  Back next week with more goodies! Giving my hubby a weekend alone, traveling with two kids under five on my own.  FUN!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Going on a Trip, More BFTE Browns and a BFTE SALE!!

Holy crap, I've had the most insane week.  On top of working a ton, I am getting ready to take a 3 day trip, alone with my two youngins.  It's about time my Hubby got a vacation on his own!  So, I will pepper you with a few swatch posts until I get back!  Have a great weekend!!!

BFTE BROWNS!!!! I never get tired of their browns.  They are unique and the quality is top notch every time.  You would think I have enough, but nope.  I don't think I'll be done until I own them all.

Mississippi Mud

Mississippi Mud is a rich deep chocolate matte brown.  It looks good enough to eat and is a *must have" shade.

Celtic Charms

Celtic Charms is a shimmering deep russet brown with golden sparkles.  This is another *must have*  amazing crease shade and makes a gorgeous liner.


Shadows is a matte taupey grey...leans greyer then depicted in the swatch

Without You

Without You is a shimmery rose toned taupe with a touch of frost


Sensuous is a shimmering silver with a touch of gold

Where to buy: Beauty From the Earth
Price:  Samples $2.00 Full Size $6.50

Right now August 9-16 BFTE is having a back to school sale.  Everything is 15% off.

15% off already great prices is "don't pass this up" good.  Discount Code is " backtoschool "

If I have one recommendation, get the Coffee Shop Collection.  Seriously this is an investment in you.

What colors are you going to haul??

Monday, August 6, 2012

Rare Skin Care Review of Shea Terra Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Wash

I'm going way outside the box on this review.  I almost never review skin care products on Cult of Taupe.  Skin care is very specific to the individual, where you live, what you eat, everything about your life effects your skin and how you care for it.  However, some products seem to be so universally awesome that sometimes you just have to try them.

A few months ago, I received a sample bottle of Shea Terra Rose Hip Black Soap Deep Pore Facial Wash and Mask.  Now I've used Cetaphil Facial Cleanser forever and ever......and ever....and ever.  Mainly for the reason that it caused no angry freakout with my skin.  It really did nothing to address my problems with combination and ehem...maturing skin.

I am probably the last person to hop on the black soap bandwagon.  I've read about it and wanted to try it, but was too busy (lazy) to go out and do it.  Plus with my skins tendency to revolt (pitchforks, torches and all) trying out new products is a scary prospect. But, I took one for the team're welcome.

Shea Terra Rose Hips and Black Soap Wash is 100% natural containing the following:
Deionized water, Yoruban black soap (cocoa pod ash, plaintain peel ash, palm kernel oil, camwood bark), certified organic shea butter, certified organic coconut oil, potassium hydroxide (electrocuted salts- what makes oil into soap), certified organic rose hips oil, rose hips fruit, aloe ferox, rooibos tea, kigellia africana, certified organic marshmallow root, licorice root

It claims to "break down the sebum which holds on dead skin and debris like glue. Removing layers of skin, the face instantly looks years younger, firmer and has a healthy pink glow."


It has the consistency of salad dressing/syrup etc.  The scent of this wash is it's biggest failing.  There is no classy way to say what "I" think it smells like....  The scent is only noticeable when you first apply, so turn off or no it is not a huge deal.  It feels ever so slightly grainy, very subtle, like dissolved sugar.  You massage it over you face, let it sit for approx 10 mins and then rinse off. Does it work?

I've been pleasantly surprised so far.  The wash completely cleans my skin and leaves it feeling refreshed and slightly zingy.  It does a good job of exfoliating my rough bits and neutralizing my oily bits.  That is something my Cetaphil Cleanser alone does not do. I also noticed my skin feels and looks cleaner  longer after using this.

Final Thoughts

I think Shea Terra Rose Hip Black Soap delivers the goods.  I don't expect it to firm my skin as it claims on the website.  Don't get me wrong, if I see firming I will be elated, but I just don't think there are many things short of surgery that can reverse the natural breakdown of our skin as we age.  I do however think if you keep you skin clean and exfoliated and moisturized, it goes a long way towards helping you look your best and yes, even youthful.  This is one of the few skin care samples I've tried that I would buy full priced.  It also makes me want to check out their entire line (their lip balm is the straight up bomb btw)

Where to buy: Shea Terra Organics
Price: $18.00  for 4oz

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Cuticle Diaries: Week 2 Progress

Week 2 is done!  This is far more grueling then I previously anticipated.  I keep buying all these gorgeous nail polishes and I can't use any of, that's what it does.  Has it been worth it?  If you asked me before 4PM August 5,  2012 I'd have said yes...maybe even given you a thumbs up to indicate my pleasure.

Then I opened my very first cuticle trimmer and pretty much flushed two weeks of progress straight down the toilet.  Don't like it, no Sir, don't like it at all.

Here is a little recap from last week.

Week 1 Left

Week 1 Right

I was a bit lazy this week.  I was putting so much on my nails every night, it started to feel like a huge pain in the ass chore.  So I adapted my routine.  I kept using the hand lotion and cuticle butter every night.  Every other day I would add in a coat of lanolin and once a week I would add the vitamin E oil.

Here is week 2..prior to my cuticle remover run it /facepalm

Week 2 Left

Week 2 Right
My right hand stubbornly refuses to improve.  Really starting to dislike that hand....look at it...mocking me.  *grimace* 

I think the nails themselves look healthier, the cuticles were looking a little better...until

Left Hand Post "grooming"
Oh ya, another tip from the "what the hell was I thinking file"  Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover, so read and follow those directions.  For the first time I put the gel under my nail as suggested....ya, then I kinda forgot about it.  Bad idea, like little bubbles of skin under my nail tips, bad idea.  So don't do it.

See ya next week.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

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Get Your Hipster On and Check Out The Coffee Shop Collection from BTFE

Hey guys!  Had to take a breather for a few days to work on a Birthday present for my daughter who turns 3 today! I was up until nearly 3am and my eyes are bleeding, but I finished it. Mommy powers...activate!    Now, I have an amazing collection to share with you.  I finally purchased the BFTE Coffee Shop Collection and it's become my Holy Grail, go to neutral palette.  Here's why......

Coffee Shop is a collection of five full sized neutral shadows that work well with my warm complexion.  It has everything you need to create everyday looks all the way to a smoldering nighttime look and everything in between.

Caffe Latte

Caffe Latte is a matte warm peach tinged beige.  It's a perfect highlight/brow bone color for my skin tone.

Salted Caramel

Salted Caramel is a shimmery light golden tan with gold sparkles (nearly typed sprinkles)


Mocchiato is a shimmery sandy beige


Chai is a shimmery medium red toned brown


Espresso is a shimmery rich deep chocolate brown with a rainbow sparkle effect

Final Thoughts

I debated buying this collection ever since it debuted.  What the hell was I waiting for??????  If you like neutrals, whether you own a few or a a lot, you NEED this.  One thing that bothered me about other popular neutral palettes was the inclusion of colors that, in my mind, were out of place. These are essential neutral shades and each one is a beauty staple you will reach for again and again.

These shadows work beautifully together and with anything else you may own.  Espresso and Mocchiato are my go to workhorse shades of the moment.  They make every look better.

Where to buy: Beauty From the Earth

Price: $33.00

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More Lipstick Swatches From Ioni Cosmetics!

I finally bit the bullet and ran out to buy some more Ioni Cosmetics lipsticks.  Seriously these lipsticks are so dreamy and creamy,  I only wish they had more of a color selection.  My store had five. *sad face*
If you can find these, you really need to buy at least a few. I am sorry I keep reviewing all this stuff only I seem to find.  But I'm still gonna.... muahahaha


Coy is a lilac color with a bluish undertone.  Almost looks like a gradiant on the lip.


Ballet is one part bubble gum, one part peach.  Looks a little weird on my pale warm skin.  Still a pretty color.


Runway is red with a liberal amount of hot pink thrown in.  This is the brightest of the bunch.

Final Thoughts

I've tried a few products now from Ioni and while none have seriously disappointed, the lipsticks really stood apart.  They feel soooo good on, like liquid creamy velvet.  Wear time is good for such a creamy formula 3-4 hours eating a robust meal will shorten that time.

Where to buy:  Hit and Miss.  Mine was located at a Hi-School Pharmacy (out in the country)
Price: $1.99