Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back from the Desert with Some Colorful BFTE Shadows.

I just returned from three days in the desert with my kids.  I am beyond wiped out.  I drove four hours today and all I heard during those four hours was
 Kid 1: I want to go home and see Daddy.
 Kid 2: I don't wanna go home....I wanna go to resternaut (<----actual word)
Four....hours.  Over a mountain...oh ya..they were paving the mountain also.  So I spent about 45 mins trapped in the woods on a mountain waiting to be eaten by Sasquatch.   My day > your day!

I am crusin through a swatch backlog.  I have a ton of new stuff to review and my review bins are about to explode.  So for the next few days, I will pump out quite a few swatch posts until I am caught up.

So here is a BFTE "Blue/Green" post!

I'm building my blue shadow collection little by little.  Along with pink, blue is a color I love in the jar but not necessarily on me.  I am working through those hangups to open my beauty prospects.  I love BFTE for this sort of thing.  You can pick up a handful of samples in a huge variety of shades and try out new looks without spending a fortune on a color you may dislike. Here are some of the blues...and greens I've been playing with.

Wasted Time

Wasted Time is a shimmering medium deep blue on an indigo base.


Miracle is a shimmering deep denim blue with silver sparkle

Deep Thoughts

Deep Thoughts is a shimmering light olive.  I found this shadow applied very patchy.  I could not get an even application over any base


Journey is a shimmering light grey/green.  Like Deep Thoughts, this applied very patchy for me.


Jazzy is a shimmering light appletini green

Final Thoughts

This group contained only the second and third BFTE shadow I did not care for, Journey and Deep Thoughts. They were just too patchy for me.  It is a shame because the colors they should have been were nice and versatile.  The others were excellent, with Miracle being the standout shade...even for a blue shy girl like myself.

Where to buy: Beauty From the Earth
Price:  Samples $2.00 Full Size $6.50


  1. I have Journey, it's awesome foiled, wet, or over a foiling agent like BFTE's Liquid Luster, Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy, or Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue.

    I don't have Deep Thoughts but Wasted time has probably been my biggest BFTE disappointment to-date; I found the color very sheer and didn't much care for the texture/consistency or the shade actually. However all I did was swatch it on my arm, I haven't tried wearing it over a base.

    The rest of my BFTE disappointments are few, I could list them on one hand, and apparently not very significant since I can't remember what they are off-hand.. lol.

    Thanks for the swatches! :)

  2. Ooh, puuuurdy :D I am really drawn to Wasted Time! Also, I am totally going to start using "resternaut", it's my new favorite word. Sounds like someone who explores restaurants? Like an astronaut? But of restaurants.

  3. My first BFTE purchase is on its way to me right now. I got a sampler of shadows, can't wait to try them out! Just choosing amongst all the colors took forever:-)


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