Thursday, August 30, 2012

Check Out Some BFTE Greys and a Blogger Fail.

Hey all, this week has been brutal!  My wrist is a total mess and between work and therapy typing is agony.  Forgive the mini post, and lack of posting in general.  This has been so much harder to bounce back from then expected.  Here are some more terrific shadows from BFTE.

I used to be a grey/silver fiend.  Golds and browns never found their way into my stash.  Then the pendulum swung way into gold/brown territory and my greys worked their way further and further into the depths of my makeup drawer.  Thank goodness for BFTE.  Their samples make it easy and fun to try out new shades or rediscover old favorites.  And these are amazing!


Sensuous is a shimmering light silver grey with a golden cast


Wicked is a lavender tinged grey with green sparkle

Trinity (DISC...Sorry)

Trinity..ugh sadly this appears to be completely gone now.  It was limited and I hoped to share this with you, but alas.  It is no more /salute Trinity.


Shadows is a matte taupey/purple/grey.  Great for a day friendly smokey eye.

Final Thoughts

I am crazy again for greys! I am glad BFTE has so many to choose from

Where to buy: Beauty From the Earth
Price:  Samples $2.00 Full Size $6.50


  1. Ooh, Wicked and Shadows are amazing! These area all great, though.

  2. Love all of these shades but totally digging Sensuous!


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