Thursday, August 9, 2012

Going on a Trip, More BFTE Browns and a BFTE SALE!!

Holy crap, I've had the most insane week.  On top of working a ton, I am getting ready to take a 3 day trip, alone with my two youngins.  It's about time my Hubby got a vacation on his own!  So, I will pepper you with a few swatch posts until I get back!  Have a great weekend!!!

BFTE BROWNS!!!! I never get tired of their browns.  They are unique and the quality is top notch every time.  You would think I have enough, but nope.  I don't think I'll be done until I own them all.

Mississippi Mud

Mississippi Mud is a rich deep chocolate matte brown.  It looks good enough to eat and is a *must have" shade.

Celtic Charms

Celtic Charms is a shimmering deep russet brown with golden sparkles.  This is another *must have*  amazing crease shade and makes a gorgeous liner.


Shadows is a matte taupey grey...leans greyer then depicted in the swatch

Without You

Without You is a shimmery rose toned taupe with a touch of frost


Sensuous is a shimmering silver with a touch of gold

Where to buy: Beauty From the Earth
Price:  Samples $2.00 Full Size $6.50

Right now August 9-16 BFTE is having a back to school sale.  Everything is 15% off.

15% off already great prices is "don't pass this up" good.  Discount Code is " backtoschool "

If I have one recommendation, get the Coffee Shop Collection.  Seriously this is an investment in you.

What colors are you going to haul??


  1. These are all amazing colors! I really like browns and nudes, these all look very wearable while still coming off as unique... I am trying not buy new makeup right now, but I will seriously contemplate taking advantage of this sale! You are so bad for tempting me!

  2. The discount code as per their Facebook page is 'backtoschool'. Decisions decisions....

    1. Thank you for posting the code! I forgot that last night, I just put it in the original post.

    2. You're welcome. Didn't want to seem like I was being a smart-a$$ by posting it. I still can't decide on shades to choose!

    3. Not at all! It toally escaped me last night and I am so glad you said something. If I ever make an error or omit valuable info I want people to speak up. I won't ever take offense.

      If you like neutrals, the Coffee Shop Collection is one of the best all around collections you will ever own. It will compliment any other shadow you own.

  3. Sarah I am about to drive to your house and tickle you until you order!!!!!

  4. So glad I saw your post, as I had an order saved in my bfte account, and seeing the discount code was just the push I needed to place it. I have never tried bfte before so got the 16 piece sample set. Really excited to try them out!

  5. For how long is the sale on? I need Without You.


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