Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hard Candy Visibly Wet Lip Pencil....of DOOM!

While killing time on my recent vacation, I wandered into (deliberately sought)  a Walmart, and was dragged by some unseen force (my feet) into the cosmetics aisle.  Standard fare, nothing truly exciting, but I did see a display of Hard Candy.  This is a brand I've been aware of forever, but this was the first time I've run into a display.  They had a sizable selection of really cool looking products (including a near dupe of Benefit Box blushes, which I stupidly did not buy....$6.  /beautyfail )  I only grabbed a few items and the Visibly Wet Shockingly Glossy Lip Pencil was one.

I LOVE GLOSS PENCILS!  Alot.  My adoration started with Stila Lip Glaze Pencils and continues on as the chubby pencil craze spreads.  On the surface, this particular pencil is nearly identical to Milani Lip Flash Pencils, right down to the knockout color and intense chunky glitter.

Visibly Wet Pencil is your standard blade sharpened lip gloss pencil.  It is the same size as both the Stila and Milani pencils.  They have a small assortment of bright colors to choose from, so I went as bright as I could and chose Jezebel.

Jezebel is a bold, iridescent, shocking... the works.  The color is gorgeous, but the formula is just too soft and goopy.  I do not feel I applied it,  so much as I smeared it across my lips.  It stayed thick and viscous feeling on my lips.

After one use

It was so soft that I used up over a 1/3 of the product in one application, and probably could have used 1/2 if I went for a flawless look.  Based on that you would need to sharpen this pencil after almost every use.  The formula is so soft, I don't see how this could stand up to a sharpening.  Even if you froze it, I think you would end up with a sticky mess.

I can't give you a wear time on this because this caused a painful reaction on my lips.  It was identical to the reaction I had with the Milani Haute Flash Gloss I reviewed.  My lips started to numb, and then felt like they were bubbling and burning.  The sensation lasted several mins after I took it off.  That does not affect my review, but if you are sensitive to some glitter glosses, be warned this may not work well for you.

Final Thoughts

Love the concept, love the color, dislike the formula immensely.  It is too soft to be practical and you would lose a majority of product in sharpening, plus it made my mouth feel like a witches cauldron.  I am not writing off Hard Candy, but this is a product I do not care to revisit.

Where to buy: Walmart
Price: $6.00

I can't wait to see the search hits I get with this review..Hard, chubby, Jezebel....Bring it!!


  1. New blog tagline:
    Cult of Taupe. Come for the pr0n, stay for the pretty. (Or any variant spellings thereof...)

  2. I think I have heard other people have had this same reaction to this lip product... I don't know what's in it, but a lot of people find it painful! I haven't tried it. But if you do find yourself back in a Walmart staring at a Hard Candy display, please don't hesitate to try some of the other products! I really like their Glamoflage concealer and the baked blush in Pin Up is a go-to; I have to keep myself from using it every day, it is very subtle but kind of just sculpts everything. I really need to try more of their products... I found the duo eyeshadow I tried to be so-so (but certainly not awful, especially for $6), their lip glosses (in a tube with a doefoot applicator) were pleasantly surprising (I find a lot of drugstore lip glosses too gloppy/ too flavored/ too sticky), and I have been hearing really good things about some of their other products as well.

    1. I really wish I had picked up more when I was there. I was so tempted by the idea how I talked myself out of them. I'm lame.....only possible explanation.

  3. I have a few products of theirs that I have not had a reaction to and quite enjoy. I have not tried the product you reviewed though and after this I wont since I have a bad reaction to bonnie bell lip smackers I am sure that it wouldn't work for me. I do have one of there plumping lip (gloss i think) which was my favorite lip thing until I started getting into Indie companies in which I have found others I tend to favor. I use to love my hot pink and purple baked eye duo and occasionally used the pink as a blush as well, again now that I have gotten more makeup from other places I kind of put this product on a back burner.

    1. I totally get that, indies have taken a lot of drugstore products off the table for me. Indies just have so much to offer. I see this a lot like Milani, I would haul a lot, but I think there will be a few treasure in there.

  4. I am glad that I stumbled across your blog. I was recently given Hard Candy's Visibly Wet glossy lip pencil. I enjoy wearing it, I have no reactions to it. However I having a hard time getting it to sharpen with my sharpener. I am on the verge of throwing it in the trash. Can someone please help?

  5. The best tip I've seen with softer pencils is to pop it in the freezer. When it hardens, then sharpen. I actually don't have a large sharpener so I've yet to try it on any of my gloss pencils.


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