Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lose Yourself in Meow Cosmetics' Caribbean Escape

Even with my damaged wrist, I was too excited about my Meow Cosmetics order..I had to post some of it.  I can, and will, gush on and on about their foundations in another post. But for now I will show you a few shadows from the Caribbean Escape Collection. I purchased one of the colors (Blood Orange) and the other two (Beach and Surf) were generously included in a prize I won from Sparklecrack Central.

This is my first time using Meow Cosmetics shadows.  I've been wearing them in looks this week and I love the formula.  They are pigmented, smooth and blend-able.   I love playing with them!  Let's look at a few.


Beach is a silvered frosty taupe, just a whipser of rose beneath it

Blood Orange

Blood Orange is a vibrant persimmon orange with a golden cast to it.  Too pretty for words. I am using this everyday!


Surf is a bright ultramarine blue.  This is a nearly matte satin.  Not quite as opaque as Beach and Blood Orange

Final Thoughts

I already have my second order in the cart ready to go. They have amazing quality and a huge selection of colors.  I missed quite a few collections the first time I placed my order.  The website layout can be confusing and you need to mine it to find everything you want.

Here is a breakdown so you won't miss any collections

Main Eyeshadow Page

Seasonal and Limited Edition

Modern Eyes Twinkling Shadows

Idealeyes Purrrlized Shadows

Scandal Eyes Glimmer Shadows (how many scandals can you name)

Vandal Eyes Intense Shadows

Those links should help you find most of the current shadow collections.

Right now, at least through the 27th, you can save 25% + free shipping on order $35 and over.   Take advantage.  Trust me!  Coupon Code: WildRide

Where to buy: Meow Cosmetics
Price: Samples $1.00 for 1/16th tsp in baggie  Full Sized $8.00(approx) for 1.6 grams in 5 gram jar


  1. I don't think you've tried them yet...but you forgot to link to the blushes! Their original collection contains a couple of really pretty shades, but unless you go digging, you can't find the link. It's very unobtrusive, even on the Blushes page itself. (I'm in love with Tease and What's New Pussycat. Also Canna and Heliconia blushes, from the Lost Rainforest collection! They're amazing.)

  2. I have a few blushes to try, I was going to link them in their own post....they have so much stuff to cover lol.

  3. These are all pretty, Beach is my favorite! I have some of their eyeshadows from the Egyptian collection (I straight up had to google for the collection when I wanted to place an order; I couldn't find any links to it from their homepage!), and they're really gorgeous... I picked up lots of golds, reds, and purples. It was one of my very first posts, I should go back and re-swatch them now that I have more practice! They are definitely worthy of a second look. I can't believe I haven't placed a second order!

  4. Egyptian was the first collection I wanted to try and somehow I did not end up ordering any..that is a huge chunk of my next order. That and my full sized Sleek Siamese foundation!


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