Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More Lipstick Swatches From Ioni Cosmetics!

I finally bit the bullet and ran out to buy some more Ioni Cosmetics lipsticks.  Seriously these lipsticks are so dreamy and creamy,  I only wish they had more of a color selection.  My store had five. *sad face*
If you can find these, you really need to buy at least a few. I am sorry I keep reviewing all this stuff only I seem to find.  But I'm still gonna.... muahahaha


Coy is a lilac color with a bluish undertone.  Almost looks like a gradiant on the lip.


Ballet is one part bubble gum, one part peach.  Looks a little weird on my pale warm skin.  Still a pretty color.


Runway is red with a liberal amount of hot pink thrown in.  This is the brightest of the bunch.

Final Thoughts

I've tried a few products now from Ioni and while none have seriously disappointed, the lipsticks really stood apart.  They feel soooo good on, like liquid creamy velvet.  Wear time is good for such a creamy formula 3-4 hours eating a robust meal will shorten that time.

Where to buy:  Hit and Miss.  Mine was located at a Hi-School Pharmacy (out in the country)
Price: $1.99


  1. Ballet is actually my favorite! I think it looks very pretty on you.

  2. Ooh, these are all really pretty colors! I am really liking Runway on you, it's bright but still very flattering!

  3. Thanks you two. Pinks still push me past my comfort zone. I feel, weird in them...but I am learning to work though that.

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  5. I got all my Ioni products from Fred's. Which is a regional chain discount store who's stores are primarily in the southeastern part of the country. I'm in North Carolina and we have a ton of them here. I haven't seen this brand anywhere else around here.


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