Monday, August 6, 2012

Rare Skin Care Review of Shea Terra Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Wash

I'm going way outside the box on this review.  I almost never review skin care products on Cult of Taupe.  Skin care is very specific to the individual, where you live, what you eat, everything about your life effects your skin and how you care for it.  However, some products seem to be so universally awesome that sometimes you just have to try them.

A few months ago, I received a sample bottle of Shea Terra Rose Hip Black Soap Deep Pore Facial Wash and Mask.  Now I've used Cetaphil Facial Cleanser forever and ever......and ever....and ever.  Mainly for the reason that it caused no angry freakout with my skin.  It really did nothing to address my problems with combination and ehem...maturing skin.

I am probably the last person to hop on the black soap bandwagon.  I've read about it and wanted to try it, but was too busy (lazy) to go out and do it.  Plus with my skins tendency to revolt (pitchforks, torches and all) trying out new products is a scary prospect. But, I took one for the team're welcome.

Shea Terra Rose Hips and Black Soap Wash is 100% natural containing the following:
Deionized water, Yoruban black soap (cocoa pod ash, plaintain peel ash, palm kernel oil, camwood bark), certified organic shea butter, certified organic coconut oil, potassium hydroxide (electrocuted salts- what makes oil into soap), certified organic rose hips oil, rose hips fruit, aloe ferox, rooibos tea, kigellia africana, certified organic marshmallow root, licorice root

It claims to "break down the sebum which holds on dead skin and debris like glue. Removing layers of skin, the face instantly looks years younger, firmer and has a healthy pink glow."


It has the consistency of salad dressing/syrup etc.  The scent of this wash is it's biggest failing.  There is no classy way to say what "I" think it smells like....  The scent is only noticeable when you first apply, so turn off or no it is not a huge deal.  It feels ever so slightly grainy, very subtle, like dissolved sugar.  You massage it over you face, let it sit for approx 10 mins and then rinse off. Does it work?

I've been pleasantly surprised so far.  The wash completely cleans my skin and leaves it feeling refreshed and slightly zingy.  It does a good job of exfoliating my rough bits and neutralizing my oily bits.  That is something my Cetaphil Cleanser alone does not do. I also noticed my skin feels and looks cleaner  longer after using this.

Final Thoughts

I think Shea Terra Rose Hip Black Soap delivers the goods.  I don't expect it to firm my skin as it claims on the website.  Don't get me wrong, if I see firming I will be elated, but I just don't think there are many things short of surgery that can reverse the natural breakdown of our skin as we age.  I do however think if you keep you skin clean and exfoliated and moisturized, it goes a long way towards helping you look your best and yes, even youthful.  This is one of the few skin care samples I've tried that I would buy full priced.  It also makes me want to check out their entire line (their lip balm is the straight up bomb btw)

Where to buy: Shea Terra Organics
Price: $18.00  for 4oz


  1. I completely agree that skincare is really personal and results from a given product can be very unpredictable from individual to individual; that being said, this sounds like a great cleanser! I haven't tried black soap either... I guess it just hasn't been "easy" enough for me to try (i.e., no one has held one out to me and said "here, buy this one!"). Only in the last couple of years have I been paying attention to which skincare products do more for me than just basic makeup removal and moisturizing; I still haven't found a cleanser that I think really helps my skin, maybe I'll have to look into this!

  2. I love love LOVE this stuff. I got it in a sample box too and I've plopped it in my travel bag. It's awesome stuff!

  3. Sarah if you can score some to try, I think you will like it.

    I know B right? I am taking a trip for the weekend and this is most definitely coming along.


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