Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Cuticle Diaries: Week 2 Progress

Week 2 is done!  This is far more grueling then I previously anticipated.  I keep buying all these gorgeous nail polishes and I can't use any of, that's what it does.  Has it been worth it?  If you asked me before 4PM August 5,  2012 I'd have said yes...maybe even given you a thumbs up to indicate my pleasure.

Then I opened my very first cuticle trimmer and pretty much flushed two weeks of progress straight down the toilet.  Don't like it, no Sir, don't like it at all.

Here is a little recap from last week.

Week 1 Left

Week 1 Right

I was a bit lazy this week.  I was putting so much on my nails every night, it started to feel like a huge pain in the ass chore.  So I adapted my routine.  I kept using the hand lotion and cuticle butter every night.  Every other day I would add in a coat of lanolin and once a week I would add the vitamin E oil.

Here is week 2..prior to my cuticle remover run it /facepalm

Week 2 Left

Week 2 Right
My right hand stubbornly refuses to improve.  Really starting to dislike that hand....look at it...mocking me.  *grimace* 

I think the nails themselves look healthier, the cuticles were looking a little better...until

Left Hand Post "grooming"
Oh ya, another tip from the "what the hell was I thinking file"  Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover, so read and follow those directions.  For the first time I put the gel under my nail as suggested....ya, then I kinda forgot about it.  Bad idea, like little bubbles of skin under my nail tips, bad idea.  So don't do it.

See ya next week.


  1. Oh man, scary stuff with that cuticle remover! I've only ever used the kind that says to only leave it on for 30 seconds or a minute, and I didn't feel like it had done much. But my cuticles are also really ugly so... At any rate, I'm enjoying following your progress!

  2. I am learning that this is a lifetime thing, if you let that moisture slide....even a little, you are are all doomed!


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