Sunday, September 30, 2012

Must Have Eye Shadow Base: Whip Hand Cosmetics Eye Creme in Thermal

Over the last month you might have seen me mention finding my absolute favorite eyeshadow base, Whip Hand Cosmetics Eye Creme in Thermal.  It is high time I share this amazing find with you!

Whip Hand Cosmetics is line of premium-quality cosmetics developed and produced in Detroit.  Whip Hand advocates confidence, strength, independence, intelligence and personal style.  I've followed Whip Hand from the beginning and I love sharing their phenomenal products with others. 

I've tried and loved Whip Hand Lip Cremes, Blushes, Shadows but nothing has me as excited as Thermal Eye Creme.  I suffer from horribly oily lids and this lead me to try numerous bases and primers, in hopes of controlling creases and fades.  Lately my base of choice is Too Faced Shadow Insurance.  While it does a great job of stopping the creasing, it does very little to amplify and boost pigmentation.  The best product I've used for amplifying color is Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy.  Pixie Epoxy  is great for boosting color, but I can't blend at all once the color is down, so I really only use it as a glitter adhesive.  So what now...

This is a swatch of Whip Hand Eye Creme in Thermal.  In the pan Thermal is a creamy white with gold sparkle.  Once you apply this to the skin, it is essentially transparent, leaving behind a faint dusting of golden shimmer.  So what does this product do?  It makes bad shadows good and great shadows AMAZING!  I've compiled a series of photos to show you what this product is capable of.  I hope you are all as excited as I am!

Transforming low pigmentation

I picked up a few of these Fresh Mineral shadows on clearance and was totally underwhelmed.  Dry, hard, no pigmentation.  I had no use for them, until I found Thermal.  Check it out.

The top swatch is Wondering Eyes over Thermal, the bottom swatch is Wondering Eyes over Too Faced Shadow Insurance.  Pretty amazing change.

Here is another example using the recently released E.L.F Disney Villain Palettes which suffered a serious lack of pigmentation.

Top swatch is Peddler's Cloak over Thermal, the bottom is Peddler's Cloak over Too Faced Shadow Insurance.  Again, pretty amazing.

I picked up a few BFTE  blue glittery shadows recently that we unremarkable over primer, but look great wet.  I wondered how they would look over Thermal.

Top swatch is Blacklisted over Thermal, the bottom is Black Listed over Too Faced Shadow Insurance.  Wow.

So we've seen how Whip Hand Eye Creme in Thermal can overcome a lack of pigmentation.  So what does it do for great shadows?  Here are my Whip Hand Loose Pigments swatched over Thermal.

Whip Hand Pigments on their own are luxurious and very pigmented, but even these great shadows benefit from the quality of Thermal.

Rocket over Thermal

Crush over Thermal

Shift over Thermal

Blacklight over Thermal

Wash over Thermal

How does it work with Mattes?

The only reservation I had about the product was using this with a matte shadow.  Since there is gold sparkle deposited on the lid, I was afraid it would conflict with mattes.  Here is what happens.

This is BFTE Mississippi Mud over Thermal.  Thermal leaves the mattes finish 99% intact.  If you click on the photo and look at is closely, you can see a minute trace of sparkle, it is not visible on your eye.  I've found other sticky bases can pull the matte apart and leave it looking patchy and gross.  Not Thermal.

Application and Blending

Thermal comes in hand poured 3oz pans that fit all standard palettes.  It is easy to use, work the product with you finger to warm it up, this makes it easy to apply across the lid.  With more pigmented Eye Cremes like Corset, I apply the shadow with my finger and buff it a bit with a brush.  With Thermal you can skip the buffing, since it applies transparent.  A little goes a long way so a pan is going to last.

The final thing that takes this product from amazing to legendary is the ability to blend shadows after placing them over Thermal.  Earlier I mentioned how hard it was to blend shadows used over Pixie Epoxy.  In my experience, once that shadow hit the Epoxy, it is locked in place and nothing short of brute force or an act of God is going to blend it.  A few times I glued my eyelid to my brow bone, which is always attractive. Thermal is the exact opposite.  It grabs the color, it pulls out the shimmer, shift and nuance just like Epoxy, but you can still move the shadow around.  I never feel like my color is in lock down.  You can blend and soften the color as needed, in most cases, without losing the complexity the product provides. 

Even with this flexibility, it keeps your shadow in place, free of fading and wandering.  I love using this under my eye since it keeps my lower lid shadow from migrating onto my cheeks.  I can't say this product leaves me entirely crease proof, but it is close.  I still use Too Faced Shadow Insurance under Thermal to combat creasing.  If you are prone to creasing, I suggest you do the same. If you have dry lids, not naturally prone to creasing, you are going to be just fine. On it's own, Thermal keeps me 80% crease proof, which for me is good.  When used with Too Faced Shadow Insurance, it is 99.9%  My color looks exactly the same 8 hours after application. No fade, no crease, no migration. 

Do you see why I am in love??!!!!

Whip Hand has over 20 colors of Eye Cremes to choose from, I own four and they all perform just as well as Thermal.  But if you would like to try one out and you want something that works under every color and every finish, get Thermal.  You will not be disappointed.

Where to buy:  Whip Hand Cosmetics
Price: $9.00

Whip Hand Cosmetics has free shipping with no minimum within the US, International Shipping does not exceed $10.

Please note, these products are hand poured so there may be imperfections in the surface of the product (the product above was poured a little over full and some stuck to the lid) it has no effect on the quality of the product.


  1. I'll be checking this out. I too have oily lids and use Too Faced Shadow Insurance, so I'm guessing it will work well for me.

  2. Thank you for the detailed information. I also have incredibly oily lids. I love pixie epoxy, but I also have difficulty blending when I use it. So I think I'll give this a go.

  3. Wow, that's amazing! I've tried a couple of different eye primers (Too Faced, Tarte, Urban Decay) but they were just a little lacking in terms of making colors really pop. This Whip Hand stuff looks incredible! Thanks for doing comparison swatches with Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

  4. You make me want to buy all the thing at Whip Hand! :) Great swatches, I'm going to have to try them as soon as my wallet permits!

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  6. I can't believe I didn't know about this. I am absolutely ordering this.

  7. Marcia I can't wait to hear what you think of it. I am on pan #2 I truly can't imagine doing makeup without it.


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