Monday, September 17, 2012

Review: E.L.F Little Black Beauty Book: Warm Python and Cool Python

How did I not know about this?  I stumbled on this display at my local Target and bought these to share with you.  If you haven't tried any of the E.L.F  Look Books, they usually a pretty good investment for $5 or $6 dollars.  This 2012 Little Black Beauty Book comes in two versions, Warm Python and Cool Python and each contains 48 shadows.  The books themselves have a nice cushioned feel, a snazzy python pattern and a good sized mirror and a sponge applicator. The books have a magnetic closure, but it is so weak, it's pretty much non existent. Even with the weak magnet, the book stayed closed.  I like the look and feel a whole lot better then the standard cardboard boxes the "Look Books" usually come in.

Some of my pics give you a great interior shot of my homemade light box.  Home crafts...yeah!

Little Black Book: Warm Python

Little Black Book: Cool Python

I toyed with swatching all these for you, but honestly I just don't have the spare time this week.  Plus, these swatched terribly on my arm, but they worked great on the lid.  I tested out a few of the neutrals and all the brights.  A few were a touch chalky, but I did not experience fallout as a result. They were opaque on the lid and blended without disappearing.

Final Thoughts (edit)
If you are on a beauty budget, just getting into makeup or want a variety of shadows to travel with   this is worth buying.  If you already have a bulging makeup drawer, there is nothing here you "need", but I like having a few compact palette options for travel purposes.  Both the Warm and Cool books have a large variety of neutrals, in several finishes as well as a few pops of colors.  If you like blues, greys, purples and pinks then you want the Cool book. If you like browns, golds, coppers and plums then you want the Warm book.

Added 9-18
I realize I was a bit vague on a few things.  Now that I've had time to test things here are more fleshed out findings.
These are fairly pigmented, a few of the lighter colors go on sheer, but build up.  They are way more pigmented on the lids then on my arm.  I did not experience much if any fading.  I wore a few of the bold colors (looked like a clown for a while) and they stayed pretty darn vivid at 6+ hours.  Some are powdery..again lighter mattes, but I did not get much fall out.  But then I am used to these palettes so I know when to pat and when to swipe.

Have you tried any of the E.L.F Look Books?

Where to buy:  Stores with larger E.L.F displays (end caps) I found mine at Target
Price: $6.00


  1. These look like really nice, very versatile palettes :) How is the pigmentation? Staying power? Fall out??

    1. I only touched on that a little since I just got them. They are opaque, some of the golden shades are sheerer then the others, but the sheer ones build up. They swatch terribly, but they wear really well. I did not have issues with fallout, even though a few had a more powdery texture. I've been wearing like 5 diff ones on my lid, over Too Faced and have not noticed any fading.

  2. These are so cute! I am hunting down the Villains palettes, too... I went to my local Walgreens and thoroughly confused the salesgirl when I asked if they carried E.L.F. She'd never heard of it. I explained to her about the Villain palette and she was IMMEDIATELY on board with me! I love sharing makeup excitement with people!

    1. I know I will never find the Villains..I am just not lucky like that. Good Luck to you, post if you do!

  3. Lovely colors!
    happy that I found u! =)

  4. I love elf! such an awesome brand! these colours are so pretty :)

    I found you from the bbloggers blog hop :)

  5. Every time I shop at Target I struggle to not buy these, I have enough ELF palettes, but these look so dam fun!!! :)


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