Tuesday, October 2, 2012

BFTE and the Bold Blues

Blues are so hard for me, I love them in theory, but it is the color I think makes me the most uncomfortable.  I think everyone has that color which feels weird to wear.  I have two, blue and pink.  However, I love forcing myself outside my comfort zone, so I am working my way through some of the gorgeous blues offered by BFTE.

BFTE currently has over 50 shades of blue to choose from, so light or dark, navy or baby, there is something for everyone.  When I do wear blue, I like the deep, dark indigo end of the spectrum, so that is where I started.


Insomnia is a black base with a navy blue reflect and sparkles

Patriot is rich matte navy blue, similar to brand new dark wash jeans

Indigo is a matte indigo blue with subtle silver sparkle.  Reminds me of a starry night

Black Listed

Blacklisted is a charcoal base with generous amounts of blue sparkle.

Blacklisted and Insomnia are very picky colors.  When used over Too Faced Shadow Insurance they were very patchy and sparse.  However, when applied wet?   Daaaaaamn.

Insomnia bottom, Blacklisted Top applied wet

You can foil both Blacklisted and Insomnia or use them wet to make dramatic, stunning liner. 

They also play well with sticky bases, like the Whip Hand Eye Creme in Thermal I reviewed here.

Final Thoughts

I am nearly 100% happy.  I wish Blacklisted and Insomnia were better on their own, without needing that extra oomph to get them going.  As eye shadows I wouldn't buy them again, but as liners I absolutely would.  I don't think you can find many user friendly liners with payoff that even comes close to these two shadows.  Patriot and Indigo are must haves, especially for those looking for a new was to dress up the classic smokey eye.  BFTE mattes are some of the best I've used and these are no exception. 

Where to buy: Beauty From the Earth
Price:  Samples $2.00 Full Size $6.50

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  1. Insomnia looks awesome wet! I love dark blue eyeliners, I could totally see using Insomnia as a liner. Gorgeous.


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