Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Get Purple Peepers w/ Shiro Cosmetics

I live in the coolest place in America.  We are home to multiple amazing indie cosmetics brands, including Shiro Cosmetics.  I was turned onto Shiro by the blog  After reading a few reviews and seeing her swatches, I knew I wanted more.

These were actually the first shadows from Shiro I tried, not sure why I didn't review them sooner. 

Reverse Psychology

Reverse Psychology is a crisp grape purple with green shimmer and sparkles.

Task Force
Task Force is a dark purple/wine color with rose glitter.

Final Thoughts

These are both great shades for the purple lover in you.  They have a very nice formula and wear fantastic.  I don't think either of these are particularly unique or noteworthy, but they are solid and worth trying.

Where to buy: Shiro Cosmetics
Price: Sample (1/4 tsp in baggie for $1.00), Mini (1 gram for $3.50) , Full Sized (2 gram for $5.00)


  1. Oh, you got the new version of Reverse Psychology. I got that color back when it was called Spiritomb - and yes, it's gorgeous!! (How's the training going?)

  2. Great swatches! As usual, you are making me want to do some real financial damage...

  3. I love purple so I super love these shades. But what really caught my eye was Reverse Psychology shade. I want to have those for it looks so gorgeous. Can't wait to have those and try it on.

  4. Just looking around for reviews on Shiro.. Your post helps a lot with my buying decision!


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