Saturday, October 13, 2012

Purple Peepers..BFTE Edition!

So, all of a sudden I love purple.  This was something I tried to resist, but just like my summertime "Orangefest" Autumn is heading into the "Purplezone"  Today I am sharing some BFTE purples I recently picked up.  With over 50 purples to choose from, I should be able to stay busy.

Speaking of busy.  As I've mentioned before, I am part of an eight week class for a new position I am taking at work.  Between full time work, part time school and Mommyhood, something has to give.  Until mid December, it is going to be blogging.  I hate stepping away from something I enjoy so much, but I have too much on my plate.  While I won't vanish, my posts will be greatly reduced.  Once I pass my certs, I will be back with an ever growing mound of pretties to share with you.


Spiced Gumdrop

Spiced Gumdrop is a mauved rose with green sparkle (so much prettier in person)


Precious is a rosy lilac  (applied a bit patchy, more so on swatch then on eye)

Belle of the Ball

Belle of the Ball is a dark matte purple  (MUST HAVE)

Blackberry Sorbet

Blackberry Sorbet is a orangeish rose base with a strong lilac reflect

Love Potion #9

Love Potion # 9 is a deep rich aubergine with purple sparkles (MUST HAVE)

Final Thoughts

BFTE has a really broad variety of purples, red based, blue based, hell one is even orangey based.  Spice Gumdrop is way prettier in person and one you should not pass up. Belle of the Ball is one of the nicest mattes I've used and makes a spectacular smokey eye.  If you like sultry, intense colors, Love Potion #9 is gonna do you right.

Where to buy: Beauty From the Earth
Price:  Samples $2.00 Full Size $6.50


  1. Ooh, these are all so lovely! And I'm sorry we won't be seeing as much of you, but I understand how real life can sometimes get in the way of blogging (haha, you may have suspected based on how sporadically I've been posting). Good luck juggling everything you've got on your plate, and in the meantime I will be anxiously awaiting your rarer posts :)

  2. Wow! I super love the shades especially the Spiced Gumdrop. i am going to try this one out and see if it looks good on me. Can't wait to try it out.


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